Weekend Warmup

Date Jun 13, 2014

Break out the Super Soakers and prepare to get rowdy, because Weekend Warmup is all about the wet, and the wild…

The Best GoPro Clip This Year

Hey, we didn’t title it. That tube titled itself.

Ferrari Gymkhana

Talk about taking chances with a rare beast. Who puts a FRAM oil filter on a Ferrari?!

Bulgarian Middle West

We shared a riding video from these guys earlier this week; this one has a similar landscape with a much louder subject.

Parkour + BMX = Tim Knoll

Tim Knoll does some really weird stuff on his BMX bike.

Accidental Banger

Feel free to watch the whole video, but at 4:15 this guy starts scoping an huge gap to ledge that almost goes horribly wrong.

Sean Burns Jr.

This subsect of BMX involves dorps to falt in all their manifestations: roof hucks, wall to grass, wallrides, and just plain hucks to flat. Filmed by the one and only Sean Burns.

Hello Paradise

Sun, sand, and crystal-clear water to surf in. Yup, that’s pretty much paradise.

Just Another Tuesday

An ambitious summertime adventure with the planks.

Tucker’s Triumph

Chris Akrigg repping a beer company with some off-roading. Legit.

Who needs a towel?

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