Weekend Warmup

Date Apr 24, 2014

Weekend Warmup goes back to basics this time around, with a mix of fresh off the block clips, and some old but gold goodies.

The Trip

Darcy Turenne took home a cold $8000 for this one continuous shot, edited by Dan Barham.

Amazing Photo Clinic Dot Com

Speaking of Dan Barham, the finished version of this video was good enough for the front page of NSMB. Here’s the expletive-ridden blooper reel.


If you’ve got a short attention span for you might not make this one, but fortunately the huge hucks (with Aggy, Andreu, Sorge, and more) are in the first couple minutes.

Cutting it Fine

We have to give this one from New Zealand a share because our NSMB socks get a shot in the textbook intro.

Slide un Cable en SpeedRiding

That’ll get your season’s pass taken away for sure.

Knife Edge Moto

Home made studs + snowy ridgeline = oldie but a goodie.

How Not To Do a Backflip

Or, how to do a superman miniflip to nutsack.

Balls of Steel

A couple angles of a nifty little curved wall ride here.

The Win Tunnel

Specialized putting their wind tunnel to use with some experiments surrounding drafting. Interesting stuff, and a good conversation starter.

At Least It’s Free

A quick web spot by Nic Teichrob for two free BC mags that should be on your coffee table.

Who We Are

The story and the people behind a quality print mag out of Bellingham, WA.

Spring Bro

Virtu Media and an all star slopestyle cast.

Looks like it’s time to contact the National Archives…

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