Weekend Warmup

Date Apr 18, 2014

Got the day off? Time for some Weekend Warmup. Stuck going into work? Definitely time for some Weekend Warmup.

Dennis Enarson – Demolition Parts Part

Serious. Must watch. You’ll never see the same trick twice.

Seb Toots Street 2014

Sweet street snowboarding moves here.

Invading Part 2 – The Plaza

A different take on building it big and sick for wake boarding in the Philippines.

How Roubaix Was Won

Or, rather, how Boonen outriggered his way out of the running and Sagan did the wrong thing all day.

April Showers

Refreshing little edit from Cascadia that ignores all the “rules.”

Freeride Entertainment 2014 Demo Reel

Use epic music and the rest will naturally follow. This is quite impressive.


Elstran And Seeley In Austin

This should have been on Warmup two weeks ago, but here it is now. Enjoy.

Flatland Skimboarding with Lexi Hutchings

Lana Del Rey remix. Check. Film burns and light leaks between shots. Check. It’s as if this person just watched Matt Dennison’s How To Make a Sick Edit.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta use the “extreme super close up” shot…

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