Weekend Warmup

Date Feb 27, 2014

We don’t exactly know what’s going on here, but we’re very intrigued…

A Moment’s Notice

Would you drop everything and go to Japan tomorrow if the pow was this good?

Sage Kotsenburg’s Totally Dope Refi Mortgage

Get ready for a healthy dose of satire.

Paul Fisher Rides the Dick

The comments from Surfing Magazine are great:
“He really did surf it well. Probably not the first time he has rode a dick.”
“You can tell that shape works good. Kinda short and fat.”
“Riding that board looks ”hard”… real hard…”

Paradise Lost

This is a pretty entertaining little vidder that recently won Transworld’s Skate and Create contest. At 1:10 they skate the famous Post Office jumps in Aptos. How ‘bout that? (Did they fix the lips they disastered over and over?)

Dak Roche: Native Land

How long has Dakota Roche been pushing BMX with tricks you have trouble describing?

Rail Fail

The first 20 seconds of this is hilarious. After that, you decide.

Peter Sagan is Going Back to Cali

A couple good moments in here.

More Sagan Boss Level

You needed more proof that the guy is awesome?

Human Loop the Loop

I just ran a loop, the first thing I really want to do is drink a Pepsi Max!

Kainos: Teaser 2

You’re welcome.

Kainos: Teaser 1

Oh wait, you wanted more? OK.

How you like dem apples?

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