Weekend Warmup

Date Feb 21, 2014

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and appreciate the way people are going out and creating amazing visual content…

Mountains of Valais

Amazing time lapses set to the right music. Worth the watch.

Marty Knapp – Portrait of a Photographer

A wise man talks about how to get great shots, simply.

Local Roaming

Backcountry journeys via kite skiing in Jackson Hole. There’s a joke about getting high buried somewhere in there…

Welcome to DK: Mike Varga

I feel like we may have already posted this one when it came out a couple months ago, but I can’t seem to find it so… if you have already watched this excellent video, please enjoy it again.

Welcome to Reef: Tia Blanco

You very likely can’t surf this well. Song jacked from Life Cycles… not bad…


Grant Laird tames the impala on Vancouver Island.

World Record Trials Jump

The wrists aren’t going to like that.

Paris is My Playground

One of Danny Mac’s teammates.

VIMFF: Thank You Digger

Digger was presented with the VIMFF’s first Community Achievement Award last week. Some gems in here from Dangerous Dan, Mark Wood, and Geoff Gulevich.

Will we see Digger bombing through the forest with that fresh lid any time soon?

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