Weekend Warmup

Date Nov 29, 2013

Another week of worthy action, worthy short docs, and hilarity here on Weekend Warmup…

After Hours

A lot of BMX is too subtle and style-heavy to be appreciated by a wide audience. Top level indoor ramp park riders like Drew Bezanson and Harry Main seem to be an exception to this. Here Alex Coleborn throws a flair drop and a 1080 in the first two clips. That’ll hook ya.

Dirt Loop

This is the crusty antithesis to Danny Mac’s perfect orange loop. Plenty of crashing needed to get it right.

Worn Wear

Speaking of antitheses, this is “an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy; an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own.” (In a world of 5 minute web edits, is 27 minutes still considered a short film?)

Slammed: Reece Wallace

OnlyMTB’s slammed series is great. It shows someone eating shit, and then it shows them getting it clean. Sometimes twice. Like this one. Alright, so Mark Matthews didn’t clean that backflip at the bike park

Rebel Girl

Michelle Steilin shreds rollerskates. No surprise this has made the rounds this week, including front page of the world’s biggest BMX site.

Out For A Rip

Canadians, this is what America thinks of you now. Turns out they’re right anyway. Warning: 500 F-bombs are dropped in this video.

Wanna go for a rip?

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james  - Nov. 30, 2013, 10:42 p.m.

i love her and admire her. now thems some gams wow!!!


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