Weekend Warmup

Date Oct 31, 2013

A very diverse collection for you this week, starting with some great voiceover action.


David Attenborough for the win. Possibly the best thing you’ll see all week.

Ken Box

A very well-done Ken Block parody.

Flying Over BC

Sometimes you get the chance to step back and look at really awesome stuff from a helicopter. This is that time.

Mars Flyover

And going a bit farther afield…

Chase Hawk – Welcome to Etnies

Mind blowing riding.

Honda CRV Illusions Commercial

This is a cross-generational winner: Matt D was impressed by the visual work, Morgan will probably one day own a CRV, and Cam already has a family wagon.

All Day Every Day

Is it just us, or does the guy in red’s jersey look like one of those huge hipster scarves?


Denver: The pinnacle of adorableness.

What did your dog do this Halloween?

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