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Weekend Warmup #198


From Moi Moi TV: Day 3 at Hardline Wales! The entire track is now ticked off for the boys after a late start and plenty of wind delays. Onto the full runs tomorrow!


From Dig BMX: Well, this jam certainly lived up to it's name. Sit back and enjoy highlights from a day of absolute carnage in Amsterdam with Bountyhunters and the Monster Energy Cash Up series. The second instalment of the Mayhem In Amsterdam jam was a wild success - here's to many more!

Drew & Gigi – 2nd Visions – Loophole Wheels

From Grey Skate Mag: We are pleased to present Andréa Dupré & Guillaume Nozieres' shared part from upcoming Loophole Wheels full-length, '2nd Visions'.

Momentum Project Ep 3 - Fort Willam and Poland

From WeAreOne Composites: The We Are One Momentum Project sets its sights on the world cup with Fort William in the cross hairs. Fort William is known for destroying riders, rims and results. It's a challenging opening track that tests equipment and suspension setups. The team came together and put in a solid effort. The next stop was a serious test on a brand new track, Poland! No one really knew what to expect on the fresh track. Variable weather through all the race plans out the window with track conditions rapidly changing.  After a few updates were made to the prototype bike, including swapping over to a prototype DH Bar, and the boys were off to the races!

STARK WEEK Day 2 Jimmy's Property

From Dylan Stark: In this Video of Stark Week Day 2 we head to Jimmy's property where I have been building this freeride line just for Stark Week. Jimmy was rad enough to let me tear up his property with his Kubota Skid Steer and build a fun line to bring the crew out for such a good day riding! We couldn't of asked for a better day with a light rain over night to get everything dialed in and no wind all day, conditions were all time and it made for some awesome riding from everyone. I was stoked everything worked out with being the first time any of these jumps were ridden.

SUMMER FLING | A Film by Tanner Stephens

From Scott Sports: This project is more than just another bike film; it's a heartfelt exploration into the dual thrill of riding the Genius and capturing the essence of riding. Follow Tanner and his crew as they navigate through remote landscapes, capturing breathtaking views of Mount Saint Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Hood. Watch as they switch from Kodak 7207 to Kodak 7213 film, adjusting to the changing light and enhancing the visual storytelling.

Atacama Bonds | The North Face

From The North Face: Atacama Bonds centers on Explorer Team member James Poole, and his individual attempt to cross the Atacama Desert - the driest, non-polar expanse on the planet - and win the inaugural The Speed Project Atacama (TSP ATA) running race. Its origins lie in an unsanctioned 500km race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. (IN)Famous for its ‘No Rules, No Spectators’ ethos, the original (and existing) event pits runners to travel from ‘LA to Vegas’ by any route possible as long as they start at Santa Monica Pier and end at the Welcome To Vegas sign.


From Solo Skateboard Magazine: Since Russia invaded the Ukraine, life has been turned upside down for Tolya Titaev. The owner of Moscow-based skate shop Oktyabr and Rassvet Skateboards has been jumping through hoops to get permanent residency outside of Russia while trying to maintain a normal life, working on new collections, and keeping his brand, business, and skateboarding on track. We checked in to see what has changed for him both personally and professionally over the course of the past two years.

Trail Hunter | Frames

From Specialized Bicycles: Matt Hunter, Matty Miles, and the rest of the Kamloops crew is back with the latest installment of Trail Hunter.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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