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Weekend Warmup #196

Grant Allen - A Film by Dramatic Sloth (Trailer)

From Jack Fletcher: Our teaser trailer for our mini feature doc on adaptive rider Grant Allen. Grant is one of the original freeride legends of the sport, having appeared in multiple New World Disorder films and competed at Red Bull Rampage before a training accident left him in a wheel chair and unable to ride, until now.....


From Dig BMX: 24 year old Jan Prokes took us by surprise with this! Shot mostly at home in the Czech Republic, with some additional gems captured in Berlin, Barcelona and Vienna, Jan throws down some incredible whip/manual lines amongst everything else, and certainly isn't scared of going big. Really enjoyed this!


From Sleeper: We heard the Polish like their rock music heavy, so here you go. Proszę bardzo.

Black Diamond Presents: Hard Sends with Seb Bouin

From Black Diamond: BD athlete Seb Bouin is undeniably one of the world’s strongest sport climbers. But the tiny crimps and pockets of Céüse—France’s most iconic crag—are self-admittedly his anti-style. Yet, the strong Frenchman revels in the uncertain process of pushing his own limits. So in 2023, having recently dispatched his longstanding DNA project, Seb devoted himself to Céüse’s hardest route—Bibliographie 9b+ (5.15c).

Kriss Kyle vs Danny Macaskill Game Of Bike!

From Kriss Kyle: Myself and Danny decided to play a good old game of bike whist we hit the road from Edinburgh to Fort William for the UCI World Cup. We had the best day in the worst weather conditions. Should we do a rematch?

Keeping Pace: No One Runs an Ultramarathon Alone

From Patagonia: Almost no one runs an ultramarathon alone. Pacers are the drumbeat of any runner’s team. They provide company for portions of the race and keep the motivation high, the legs moving and the calories flowing (in, hopefully not out). They can be the difference between dropping and finishing. But for Lisa Jhung, pacing is about much more than just helping her friends so they’ll return the favor. It’s given her a new outlook on the sport she loves. In “Keeping Pace,” she reflects on lessons learned and how helping friends reach their goals is more of a gift than she ever expected.

N1NO BEYOND | Episode 1: Never Quit

From Scott Bikes: We join Nino Schurter at the opening round of the 2024 World Cup in Brazil. And it’s wild. Heightened as an Olympic qualifying event, the energy, passion and pressure is clear. In 2023, he achieved it all; breaking the record for World Cup wins – a record that will stand for generations.

Wingman: The Tobin & Keegan Story

From Santa Cruz Bikes: Tobin Ortenblad and Keegan Swenson are two of our three htSQD riders (Alexis Skarda being the third). And while Keegan’s one of the most powerful long-distance riders in the world in his own right, racing is a team sport… and in team sports, relationships – nay, friendships – are paramount.

Arc'teryx Presents: The Dance Card

From Arcteryx: Growing up, Courtney Krueger and his daughter Sarah shared a love for Ride & Tie. A curious trail-running & horse-riding crossover, the sport invites teams comprised of two humans and one horse to compete against each other, often across huge distances. Since she moved away for college six years ago - Sarah and her dad haven’t been able to compete together. This film sees this father-daughter duo reunite at the iconic Ride & Tie World Championships, determined to strengthen their bond and to show the world (and their horse Coda) what they are made of.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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