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Weekend Warmup #193

Tom Isted: Panning for Gold | Giant Bicycles

From Giant Bicycles: Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Queenstown, New Zealand, Otago is a picturesque mining town that was born from a gold rush in 1861. Its rolling terrain and scenic backdrop made it the perfect canvas for Giant Freeride athlete @TomIsted to build and shred some forgotten big mountain spots!

Kimbo Sessions Feat. Alex Hall, Colby Stevenson, Quinn Wolfermann, Ferdinand Dahl

From Monster Energy: Another Kimbo Sessions masterpiece brought to you by the one and only, HotLaps (Andrew Gayda). Filmed back in 2023, looking forward to the energy the crew is about to bring to the 2024 sessions.

Balance - Steve Vanderhoek

From Steve Vanderhoek: Finding the balance between my career as a Firefighter and my passion for riding has been a work in progress! But I love what I do and I don't want to stop!

PASTEL DE RIDA - Full Video | The Rise MTB

From The Rise Bicycle Company: Follow us as we ride our bikes around the beautiful city of Lisbon in search of the best Street spots the city has to offer. Directed by Louis Lhomel, this 25-minute film features riding from Walter Mayerhofer, Tom Kilcoyne, Louis Lhomel, Michel Plonka, Jeremy Menduni, Niklas Tilk, Max Otzelberger, Giorgos Panagopoulos, Will Charlwood, Matt Jamieson and Ricardo Simoes.

Jason Borosky's "TODAY" Street Moto Video Part

From Jason Borosky: Filmed & Edited by Bobby Bils Special thank you to everyone who made this possible! Enjoy


From 50to01 TV: As you may know, Revs had to be closed due to felling. Most of the lines have been effected but the vision and 50 lines casualties were minimal due to not having too many trees around the lines. We went down with the boys ahead of the sunsest sessions jam in august to get the line opened back up. much love to james and tim for having us down as always. visit the revolution website to book on for the jam.

IIWII - EP1 I Doing Something Different I Vali Höll

From Vali Höll: Join me on my journey, offering an intimate glimpse into my daily life. From navigating the unpredictable demands of my profession to cherishing moments with loved ones, "IT IS WHAT IT IS" captures the raw and unfiltered reality of life as an athlete.


From Cult Crew: Filmed in between Japan and Spain, this video is another image of how big of a playground the world is. Get out, explore and ride whatever inspires you the most. Less fucks, more fun!!

Black Diamond Presents: RetroModern—Part 3: Ice Cream

From Black Diamond: Follow BD athlete Sam Elias and Olympian, comp crusher, and powerhouse climber Colin Duffy as they rebolt and equip the iconic American Fork testpiece Ice Cream (5.14c).

The Cool Bus | SHIMANO

From Shimano: What could be a better mode of transportation for five young B.C. shredders embarking on classic southern B.C. roadtrip than an old skoolie dubbed the Cool Bus? With the legendary freeride TV shows from the 2000s serving as inspiration and Shimano’s new gravity shoes on their feet, Jacob Murray, Natasha Miller, Lucy Van Eesteren, Mateo Quist and Ryder Bulfone climb aboard the Cool Bus and set out on a four-day, 1,000-kilometer pilgrimage into the past.

Plan B. Aggy and Torsenn explore BC

From Dakine: Sometimes the best laid plans become unraveled. After a sketchy road gives way and keeps Aggy and Torsenn from accessing a prized zone, they scramble to find a new spot. A series of random events leads them to Plan B—a shuttle-fed paradise with the deepest, freshest loam the boys have ever seen.

Kids Line | Marcel Hunt | Big Lines At The Kamloops Bike Ranch

From Forbidden Bike Company: In Kamloops there’s a “Locals only” only vibe. But not in a bad way. The locals here are welcoming, and really good at biking. Bikes have a special way of erasing boundaries. You hop in your car, get to a new riding zone and meet up with a few locals. They show you the goods and they have an epic session with you. It's the MTB way of life.

PAYDAY - Billy Meaclem

From Commencal: Life is an eternal beginning. One trail disappears, another emerges from the ground. It took two years of work for Billy Meaclem and his crew to create their new peaceful riding haven. The ABSOLUT couldn't dream of a better playground to show what it is capable of.


From Brage Vestavik: Mountain biking in the desert of Northern Chile. It felt like we took it back to the basics, just getting in the truck and driving into the mountains looking for fresh lines to ride every day. It was really humbling being in such terrain - some of the best feelings I’ve had on my bike and I only feel like we are getting started! To also spend time with the legend Nico Vink in this place was incredible.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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