WW 181

Weekend Warmup #181

LRTV CRIBS | Jakob Hartman's Camper Van in Whistler

From Loose Riders TV: Come check out how a mountain biker really lives. We all know we gotta save in everyway possible to ride our bikes as much as possible - and this might be the best way to do it while also staying FREE and being able to go and live wherever you want to. Jakob Hartman has got it sorted so check his build out to get inspired to travel the world to ride bikes!

But seriously who doesn't love an 80s Toyota Chinook 4WD Pop Top Retrofit?

Lucas Alves "Illuminated" Powell Part

From Thrasher Magazine: Unleashing a torrent of unthinkable stunts on California's proving grounds, Lucas ups the anté with every clip before putting down a powerful closing argument in Hollywood.

Pemberton Dirt Surfing ft. Michael Marsh | Side Hits 010

From Forbidden Bike Company: Kicking 2024 Side Hits off with some fine Pemberton dirt surfing by our guy Michael Marsh aboard his Dreadnought. Winter is rad, but we're ready for some spring hero dirt... Side hits are rad, everyone loves them. They’re fun, approachable, jibby, and let us express our creativity. Forbidden Side Hits is a series of short creative videos about having fun riding bikes. Now, sit back and enjoy. It's only a minute after all. Your work can wait. Like what you see? Keep your eyes peeled for more Side Hits soon...

Frenchies in Squamish - Bromance EP 1

From Cell Co: Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as we dive into the heart of Squamish's mesmerizing MTB trails! Join us, three friends from France, as we unveil the epic moments that unfold on these trails. This isn't just about conquering nature; it's a celebration of enduring friendships, laughter, and the unexpected stops that make our journey unforgettable. Stay tuned for a rollercoaster of emotions against the backdrop of Squamish's breathtaking landscapes. In this short MTB escapade, we go beyond personal achievements, inviting you to relish the true spirit of friendship and the beauty of Squamish's natural wonders. Don't miss out on the joy, camaraderie, and adventure that awaits!


From Innes Graham: Passion project through and through. No budget, no aim or goal, just a group of likeminded people coming together to collaborate on something we all love - Bikes, Music & Creating.

Raw AE86 Drifting In Japan! | Gunsai Touge (4K)

From Checkpoint Japan: I first met Mr. Hiroshi "Kaicho" Takahashi (better known as Running Free 86) on a trip to Japan in 2019 when he took me to a Friday night meeting at Daikoku PA. He's renowned in the old-school AE86 community for his elite driving ability. I love raw, low-power drifting and have been dreaming of drifting at Gunsai Touge for years. So when one of the best drifters I know told me to come out for the 4AG drift event hosted by Garage Infinity and get a ride-along, I knew I couldn't pass on this opportunity before I left Japan.

Arc'teryx Presents: The Pass

From Arcteryx: In Rogers Pass, the Trans-Canada Highway and Canadian Pacific Railway wind underneath 134 avalanche paths that release 2,000 avalanche events each winter, controlled by military artillery, helicopters, and remote control systems. It was off-limits to ski touring for decades. In this 12-minute film, we meet Sylvia Forest (63), a woman who rose to leadership in the rugged worlds of mountain rescue, guiding, and avalanche safety before equal representation was a blip on the radar, and one of the architects of the permit system in 1995. In turn, she mentored Danyelle Magnan, who recently became–after her own formidable experience in remote backcountry rescue and ski guiding–the first woman on the elite Rogers Pass avalanche forecasting team that’s responsible for thousands of lives on a daily basis. The duo reunite in the Pass for their first ski tour together after ten years, to reflect on their journeys in the face of high-risk elements, immense pressure, and long-established cultural norms. In quietly and impressively showing what’s possible, these two women represent a small but pivotal part of the seismic shift happening to the face of mountain culture.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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