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Weekend Warmup #172


From RIDE OR DIE: Liam Baylis doing what he wants. We support that. To us, it's clear that he's part of the next generation that pushes creativity and all around bike skills. Thanks for repping us.

For the love | A short film

From Cascade Armory: For the Love is a short film capturing different accounts of involvement in and love for the mountain bike community. Featuring Matt Edleston, Talus Turk, Jacob Guthrie, and Drew Barber

Yeti Cycles | Good Company

From Yeti: It's not about the fastest times, posting for likes, or medals around your neck. It's about sharing laps, bragging rights, and the unseen moments in between because an epic day in the mountains is always better with good company.

Blake Wilkey's | Urban Assault 3

From Shreddylyfe: OHHHHH MEXICO…. when I tried this in San Diego my ass went to JAIL! Now we are here sharing the newest Urban Assault 3 with open arms in Tijuana! Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful city for the joyride of a lifetime! After 18 months of effort on this project, and over 5 years of building JAWS, the first ever TROPHY TRUCK "BUG" came to Fiesta! We wanted to show the rawness of TJ and historical spots such as the Reloj Monumental de Tijuana in the heart of the city, the infamous Monumental Plaza de Toros seen off Highway 1 on the Pacific Coast heading south, and ending at Playa de Tijuana to name only a few! Aside from these amazing spots, the culture, colors, food, and people, make Mexico a special place for us to enjoy time and time again. We hope our efforts capture your imagination of what's possible when many talented people come together to create a contagious vibe through imagery!

Vans Pipe Masters 2023 | Balaram Stack

From Vans: As we approach this year's Vans Pipe Masters we're checking in with some of the familiar faces you'll be seeing in the lineup. Balaram Stack’s home is 4978.12 miles from Pipeline. Yet, the NY native has devoted most of his life to hunting for diamonds on the North Shore. Last year, Balaram won the Vans Pipe Masters with a Hail Mary at Backdoor. Can he do it again?

My War | David Reyes

From Thrasher Magazine: A two-hour session at Clipper is gnarly, but that’s just the first of six trips for David. Hundreds of attempts and a literal pistol whipping all played their part in this epic saga for an ender.

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