Yeti WW 168

Weekend Warmup #168

An eclectic mix of videos this week to get you stoked for the weekend - from perilous free climbin, a new Brett Rheeder edit, and some super smooth riding from the crew at Yeti.

Rediscover the joy of biking with Jason Gainey | Never Grow Up

"Its Important that we still remember what we're doing and why, and that is riding bikes because it's fun"

From Freehub Mag: Often in life, simplicity is something we grow out of. Filling the day-to-day with an ever-expanding list of things that consume our time, leaving us with choices made that are viewed in the rearview mirror. A youthful innocence lost in a complex world with many distractions. Few find themselves able to break away. Jason Gainey was introduced to biking at a formative age, where riding and carelessness weren’t lost to the thoughts of tomorrow. Forming a connection to be tested, Jason found himself walking away from the sport he grew up loving. A realization and reflection on the simplicity of what makes Jason, Jason, led to the rediscovery of that joy biking gave him in those younger years. After over forty years since he first felt that feeling, the passion continues to motivate Jason. His days are now filled with riding, racing, coaching, and more riding; maybe he is just a kid who never grew up.

Arc'teryx Presents: Wet Lycra Nightmare

Jordan Cannon and Sam Stroh put on an absolute masterclass in overcoming adversity as they conquer the steepest pitches in the Yosemite Valley. Climber or non-climber, this is an impressive watch.

From Arcteryx: When Jordan Cannon fell near the end of a 5.13 pitch on Wet Lycra Nightmare (5.13d), the steepest big wall in the Yosemite Valley, he didn’t give up. At least not on his climbing partner, Sam Stroh. Moving slowly upwards the duo gave it their all, and the sun-baked day ended with Stroh becoming the 5th person to ever climb the elusive wall. Next, it was Jordan’s turn to do it in his own style, free-climbing the iconic route over two days.

Brett Rheeder | Monochrome

Brett oozes style as he winds through Coast Gravity Park in this monochromatic banger that brings all the feels.

From Brett: A project from February 2022. Supported by Fox Racing. A TSU North Production. Filmed and edited by Shaunoh Wilson & Rob Antill. Sound Design by Racketsound - Jason Chiodo. Music by Jordan Critz - Starry Night. On location at Coast Gravity Park.

YETI Presents | The Captain

She was just a little kid who wanted to go fishing with her dad. Raised on the salty sea, earning her keep on the lobster boat, and holding her own amongst fellow salty fisherman, Sadie Samuels is now the captain of her lobster boat and she’s obsessed with her job. Boy, must be nice.

A Reel as Dirt production Directed by: Greg Kohs
Producer: Clint Caluory
Director of Photography: Clair Popkin
Editor: Steven Sander
Original Score by: Benjamin Dickey


Wait? Yeti...again? Yes, you read that right. This one is just a touch more skewed towards bikes, although, I'm sure these companies in tandem can provide the remedy for your dream cooler and dream bike-related fantasies.

From Yeti: When Yeti riders Bryn Bingham and Warren Kniss get together, things just click. Inspired by the videos that got us hooked on riding, the mission for the second installment of B + W is simple: Hit the spots, roll the camera, and cut together the best of Bryn and Warren’s masterfully nuanced riding. Storyboard not required.

Lael Wilcox Rides Alaska

In returning to school this fall I've found myself in a state of adventure withdrawal as work and assignments have reduced my riding to shorter jaunts and commutes. To continue to feed my inherently adventurous spirit I've ventured down quite an ultra-distance and adventure film wormhole. Lael Wilcox, who in the past decade has become a decorated ultra-distance racer, quite elegantly depicts how having a resilient mindset can make space to push one's limits even in the face of the restraints of everyday life. With other athletes like Lachlan Morton, Ulrich Bartholmoes and Sarah Swallow pushing the edges of ultra-distance endurance cycling accomplishments there's plenty more great short films like this one to immerse yourself into a world of adventure, resilience, grit, and superhuman accomplishment.

From the Lael and Rue: Lael Wilcox is a 4th generation Alaskan and an ultra-distance cyclist. In 2014, she began pushing her limits in her home state and dreamed that one day, she’d ride all of the major roads in Alaska-- connecting the dots and traveling under her own steam to places she’d heard of but never seen. In 2017, after her first year running Anchorage GRIT, Lael spent the summer riding all of the roads, some 4,500 miles. She had the time of her life but rode mostly solo, and that experience was all her own. In reflection, she wanted to share more–to show people the beauty and truth of Alaska and inspire more people to ride there. The global pandemic of 2020 provided a unique opportunity to revisit this project–ride from home, spend time with her family, bring them along, and encourage others to pursue their own adventures. Riding roads is feeling topography and weather, seeing history and reality, and experiencing everything along the way. If the finish line is home, how much farther can we go? If we bring along our loved ones, how much more will it mean?

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