Nic Court aborted backflip

Weekend Warmup #167

It's a wholesome, strictly mountain biking kind of week for this edition of Weekend Warmup.

Thomas Genon | Threeride | Freeride MTB Edit

Tommy G showcases his incredible skills on three different bikes. Come for the mach chicken loam shralping, stay for the Belgian's incredible style - on all kinds of bikes.

"Compulsion" Ft. Tor Cameron | Liam Morgan

From Liam & co.: Our short piece, "Compulsion" is a testament to the passion and dedication that Vancouver Island freerider, Tor Cameron puts into his building and riding. Built and shot between October 2021 and May 2023, "Compulsion" features a series of freeride lines built by Tor and friends in the forests of Southern Vancouver Island.

Video: Liam Morgan // Riding: Tor Cameron
Building: Tor Cameron & Nick Griffiths
Still Photography: Liam Morgan & August Nesbitt
Special Thanks: Sydney Rens, August Nesbitt, Andrew Giesbrecht, Max Field, Sam Eagles, Bradley Wright & Elwyn Thom
Music: Hovvdy/Lomelda - Swing, Knox Brown - The People
Shot on the Unceded Traditional Territories of the Coast Salish First Peoples

Chromag Chronicles: A Hardtail Rider's Quest from Tokyo to Whistler

From Chromag: It was 2009 when Jinya reached out and connected with Chromag to join us on a Friday Ride. He was fresh out of university, barely past 20, and had made his way from Japan to Whistler on his own to experience a season of riding. He became part of the Chromag Crew, joining us on rides every Friday and after work. He helped us in the warehouse assembling and packaging parts and working in the shop as a mechanic. When he wasn’t working or riding with us, he spent every additional minute riding on his own. Jinya extended his working visa, and stayed as long as he could but eventually had to return to Japan in 2011. Returning this year (in 2023) for a visit, we were so stoked to see him again. We had some amazing rides, enjoyed after-work beers, and got him set up on our latest version of Stylus hardtail. He teamed up with Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise for a video/photo shoot and as it turns out Jinya is still as smooth and precise as ever. Following his trip we sat down with Jinya to catch up and get a glimpse of what it's like riding in Whistler all those years ago VS Japan in the present day.

Brain Freeze - A Perfect Summer’s Day ft. Nic Court

Sheesh can Nic Court ever rip! Also, filthy 'stache and a healthy love for strawberries and deadpan one-liners.

From Forbidden Bicycles: Some things never change. Summers are the best. Long days, warm breezes, and endless possibilities on how to spend a day. For Vancouver Island-born Nic Court, the ideal summer day is nostalgic of many of our childhoods. Biking all over town, goin’ fast, huckin’ his meat, grabbin’ a sweet treat, and havin’ a blast. The only thing that could harsh the vibe is a brain freeze from chugging a massive slushy (or landing directly on your head). It's a sweet reminder that some things never change. Follow Nic aboard his Druid as he explores his hometown playground, rallies the Cowichan Valley’s endless trails, and beats the heat with a classic summertime refreshment. While growing old is not optional, drinking partially frozen juice fast enough to trigger a headache will remain an option forever. It’s the little things. Now, get out there and ride your dang bike! It’s literally the best.

If you are not a Pro Rider, go around... | Rémy Métailler

Rémy headed to Québec to ride Sentiers Du Moulin: The terrain looks remarkably similar to Squamish. May have to put Quebec on the list...

SCOR 2030 x Josh Lewis - short travel, big ideas

Hot on the heels of Cam's post Introducing the 2024 Scor 2030, it was only fitting to post a video of Josh Lewis getting creative around Whistler on this jibby, short travel machine!

From Scor: Josh Lewis can see the potential in just about anything. To his eye parking lots are playgrounds, street furniture are features to be ridden, a dusty bank is a wall ride. So what happens when the Loose Dog is let loose in Whistler Bike Park? He goes looking for fun in the most unlikely of places. This is not your usual riding edit, but then Josh isn’t your usual rider and the SCOR 2030 certainly isn’t your usual short-travel bike.

Home Gradient - Alex Volokhov

Alex Volokhov spends a few days in his hometown of Nelson BC showcasing some insane skills aboard an array of Rocky Mountain steeds, ahead of his Rampage participation next month.

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