Weekend Warmup #164

Vinny T Gets the Grip | Vincent Tupin

Vincent Tupin is a true enthusiast of freeride mountain biking. Even in winter, when most people stay indoors, he's always on his bike, ready to challenge the snow and the cold.

Accustomed to snow-covered trails, he enjoys carving lines in fresh snow and riding as fast as possible, while trying to perform the same tricks as on dry terrain.

Ultimate Hammer | Nukeproof Bikes

A special bike deserves a special film, so we teamed up with the legendary Alex Rankin (yes, him of Sprung & Earthed fame). The tracks featured are Adam and friends private test tracks. Words can not express quite how much effort has gone into building these trails by hand.

DARKFEST 2023 – Official Highlights | Monster Energy

Press start, select your rider and prepare to enter a new realm of freeride. We’re stoked to present the DarkFest 2023 Official Highlights edit in all its glory, with a whopping 24-minute runtime containing the most jaw-dropping sends, huge slams, video game-esque NBD tricks and the nuttiest haircuts captured over 5-days of absolute mayhem.

Sam Reynolds and the crew have pushed the boundaries of freeride mountain biking even further than anyone could fathom in 2023. Assembling one of the most legendary and diverse rider line ups of men and women in the game, unlocking the all new 110ft double and a record breaking 120ft backflip from Tom Isted.

Sit back, strap in and absorb the definitive DarkFest 2023 experience and make sure to let us know your favourite clip in the comments.

Pushing The Limits | Remy Metailler

Here is my 2023 Shredit! Let me know what you think!

A Look back at the Hidden Valley Dirt Jumps | Vital MTB

Hidden Valley trails were some of the best in southern California, but like most good things, they come to an end. Take a look back with Taylor Sage, Zach Hensley, Kyle Strait and others at some good times from Hidden.

Travis Rice Wins the Natural Selection Tour | GoPro

GoPro Athlete Travis Rice has done it again—winning the '23 Natural Selection Tour. The pinnacle of backcountry snowboard competitions took to the skies in a helicopter to find the gnarliest theatre possible to host the final stop of the tour + it did not disappoint. Feast your eyes on Travis' GoPro MAX POV from the semi-finals heat in Valdez, Alaska

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