Weekend Warmup

INBOUND- Brendan Howey + Rupert Walker

INBOUND showcases Brendan Howey’s impeccable riding style and Rupert Walker’s intricate cuts and attention to detail. "I'm always excited to work with Brendan Howey. Besides him being a great friend, I think he's got some of the best bike control and natural style of any rider. This project is called 'Inbound', for no real reason besides it feels like he's actively moving to an end destination. The inspiration for this is more involved with the music. The first song, by Nina Simone, is a timeless classic with a piano melody that is instantly recognizable, the video transitions into the second song by Talib Kweli, which samples the original piano melody from the first song used in the video. It's rare to get the opportunity to use music like this and I appreciate that COMMENCAL gave us the freedom to creatively go our own direction." - Rupert Walker

A Day on Patrol with Matt Bolton

When we were designing the latest Patrol, Matt Bolton was one of the first people we thought of. The way he rides the gnarliest rock rolls with ease is second to none, so we made sure he got one of the first bikes, and we told him to show us what his day on Patrol looks like.

Aaron Gwin Explains His Hunger to Win

5x Downhill World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin talked about the total immersion in the first two years of Downhill Mountain Bike racing that saw him podium at the highest level in on his second year of riding.

How is This Legal?! Remy Metailler Visits Harper Mountain

In an effort to escape the Squamish rain, Remy Metailler heads to the Interior and finds some truly unbelievable jump lines along the way...

Glory Daze - Behind the Scenes

Before shooting for his latest feature "Glory Daze", Reece Wallace first had to create an entire freeride course from the ground up. Watch as Reece takes you through the two month process of building and testing each feature.

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