Weekend Warmup #154

Remy Metailler - The Very Best Of | Remy Metailler

Insane moments on my Mountain Bike riding some of the most insane lines!

Hammers & Nails | Commencal

From Brett Rheeder's uncompromised run that gave COMMENCAL a historic first win, to the ultra tense tricks of Andreu Lacondeguy and DJ Brandt, without forgetting the unlucky Kyle Strait, let's take a look at the freeride event of the year: the Red Bull Rampage 2022.

"Let's Take A Lap!" with Mitchell Brower | Sage Cattabriga Alosa

Mitchell is awesome, and its always fun chasing him around. Couple of cameos from Andrew Pollard, and Grant Howard in there too. Most of this was from my first day at Alta for the year, Mid December 2022. Big Thanks to Atomic skis for getting me out to Utah after a long hiatus! It had been seven years since I had been back to ski!

Best Week Ever Weeks 1 + 2 | Canyon Bicycles

The definition of the "Best Week Ever" for Ryan Petry is to chase new experiences all week. But add the challenge of riding from town to town over high mountain passes for one week straight.

Within seven days, Ryan cycled from Crested Butte, Colorado to Boulder. But Ryan does not spend the "Best Week Ever" riding alone, instead he is joined by fellow riders in every town.

"The Best Week Ever was a celebration of all things I love about this sport, and in documenting it, I really hope to get you dreaming about what your own “Best Week Ever” might look like. Or at the very least, serve as a reminder of why you fell in love with this sport in the first place." - Ryan Petry

Ryan begins his seven-part series in Crested Butte (CB), Colorado. Dave Wiens, a six-time Leadville 100 champion, joins him there. After saying goodbye to Dave, it is time to shift gears and prepare for the backcountry adventure: the Grand Traverse...

Magic Feeling | SHIMANO

What would you choose if you could have one superpower? There are so many options to choose from: flying, being invisible, or even super-strength, but what if you could choose to have your dream trails appear right-in-front of you…anywhere, anytime?

Sounds crazy to be passing on so many cool superpowers to choose this, right?

For us, it’s simple: nothing beats the feeling of riding a fresh trail that you have imagined and built yourself — we love everything about it! From using your creativity and seeing a line appear in your imagination, to digging it out with your bare hands, shovels and pickaxes, and then finally being able to ride it.

When your wheels touch that fresh dirt for the first time – it feels like riding on a cloud – or when you hit a jump perfectly – it feels like flying – and when you pick up speed and find your flow, it feels like a video game. And it doesn’t have to end there either. Building trails means leaving something for others to enjoy, making the world more fun, not just for you, but for everyone. And this is a true superpower!

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