Weekend Warmup #152

Date Dec 23, 2022

What if? Why Not? With Dusty Wygle | Transition Bikes

Dusty Wygle is no stranger to thinking outside of the box. Check out his new video as he rides unique trail features while throwing tricks only Dusty's mind can wrap itself around!

Unexpected Beauty: An Epic enduro trip to explore Etna’s active volcano | Scott Sports

SCOTT Motorsports has decided to bring together three amateur riders of different level and with different riding skills in a lifetime enduro experience in Sicily. The southern island suddenly reveals to be completely different to what the three riders expected, driving them to push their wheels from the soft sand from the Etna’s volcano’s, to amazing ridge lines, in the exploration of new territories and adventures.

7 Days In The Off-Season: My New Morning Routine | Mahalo My Dude

Kaz fights the winter blues with a daily shred on his mountain bike.

Ultimate Game Of Tag (extreme rooftop parkour) | Red Bull

15 of the world's best parkour and freerunning athletes came to the beautiful Greek island of Astypalea to compete Red Bull Art of Motion, and as part of the elite freerunning competition we invited them to take part in the ultimate urban parkour challenge, beginning with a game of tag

Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro 2022: Victory Lap | Race Face MTB

After an incredible year for the Rocky Mountain Race Face Team, including one very happy World Champ, we head to the Team Headquarters for a round-up of ALN, Jesse, and Remi’s biggest results. While the suits compare notes in the boardroom, the athletes get a chance to pursue some of their secondary vocations before they hit the 2023 season.

It’s time for a well-earned Victory Lap.


Available for your viewing pleasure on New Years Day 2023.

NEW ZEALAND POWERED - Conor MacFarlane | Commencal Bikes

Conor MacFarlane is the energetic type! When he's not on a construction site the New Zealander is on his COMMENCAL! So when the opportunity arises to go shaping huge jumps in the wilds of Queenstown, Conor is quick to combine business with pleasure. With a shovel and a pick-axe, he heads to the spot on his META POWER. His philosophy is clear: with or without a motor, the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike are made to be pushed. In this video, there's big new EMTB tricks from the man we’ve been used to seeing at competitions like Fest Series and Red Bull Rampage.

No doubt, considering the way he sends it, Conor has no time to lose!

Verbier Downtime Ft. Alex Storr and his Forbidden Dreadnought | Forbidden Bike Co

Scenic vistas, flowing singletrack, and Alex Storr doing his thing. Last season, in between EWS race stops, Alex snuck out to take in some of the local offerings outside the tape. In true Alex fashion, he manages to make everything look good.

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