Weekend Warmup #151

The Scotland Masterclass w/ Scotty Laughland | SCOTT SPORTS

Scotland might be small but as a Mountain Bike destination, it’s mighty. The famous Fort William Downhill Track and Tweed Valley might have put the country on the mountain biking map but outside of these two destinations, there is a lot more on offer. Scottish Mountain Biker and SCOTT athlete, Scotty Laughland shares his secrets in this dream road trip video from the North West all the way down to the Scottish Borders in the South - this is his ‘perfect’ 7-day road trip to get a taste of what MTB’ing in Scotland is like.

Seb Toots: One Shot for One Shot | Red Bull Snow

Watch Seb Toots' creativity on full display as he takes his signature obstacle courses and trick shots from the indoors to the mountain.

Watch Before You Go Riding: Dillon Butcher's 2022 Edit | NOBL Wheels

Shot over the course of 6 months, Dillon Butcher's 2022 edit is mind meltingly good.

Trey Jones - BARCELONA | The Shadow Conspiracy

Trey Jones heads out on a quick summer vacation to the streets of Barcelona. Trey didn't want to ride the staple spots of BCN so with Simone Barraco as a tour guide, the crew went out to find more obscure and un-ridden areas.

Trey does not disappoint and gets clips that only he could come up with. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a few guest clips from Simo himself!

Drone vs Mountain Bike RAW : The best shots and the best crashes | Remy Metailler

Playing your favourite song and enjoy some of the best MTB footage!

Golden Days - Conor Pelton | Conor Pelton

A short film showcasing the joy of skiing powder in Golden, BC. Shot by a group of friends with a couple of drones and some motivation to capture the trip.

Lost Paradise 2 - Eliott Lapotre | GT Bicycles

"I’m really happy to show you Lost paradise 2 - filmed in my home forest this summer, I put all I have in this one. 🤟🏻We started building 20 months ago (April 2021) during a summer full of rain. There were sources and water everywhere on the ground, we tried to fix that with pipes and gravel to make a drain at some places but it was almost impossible to finish the build in time. This year was better, but this time, there was no rain. Glad that the forest have some water area near to the spot, so we were able to finish building it. Lost paradise philosophy is to document mountain biking for the community to motivate more people to ride bikes & dig trails. So grateful to have a big crew behind me, they help me only by friendship and passion, they know who they are. I hope you will enjoy the work!"

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