Weekend Warmup #148

Date Nov 11, 2022

Joe and Bo's Bedtime Stories | Joe Barnes

There's no doubting that as we get older, the physical boundaries that dictate our lives get bigger, broader and opportunities open up. The world, so to speak, is our oyster.

A child's ability to explore of their own accord is a very different experience. Their world is more contained, but oddly enough, not necessarily smaller. Imagination allows us to enter the world's unseen spheres, and create excitement from the act of thought. It opens up the world to us.

Joe Barnes is well known for his stellar racing career, memorable media and wild imagination. With two children, Joe's use of his imagination is now being put to use in ways that cultivate the same emotions that Joe gets from bikes, into his son Bo's life.

Join us as Joe and Bo go on a journey around Lochaber's hidden landscapes and enter very different worlds.

A Return to the Steeps | Cody Townsend

In 2019, The FIFTY sent it up to Alaska to attempt the modern classic, The Sphinx. But the puckering steeps, cruel exposure and hardpack conditions sent the crew home with their tail between their legs and the line unfinished. Three years of watching the weather, conditions and stability from thousands of miles away and a miraculous window beckons in April of 2022. A mad dash scramble the day after skiing Line 37 of The FIFTY leads to a strike mission to Cordova, AK and the base of Points North Heli.

This line represents not only a monumental moment in the history of freeriding when it was first ridden in the late 90's but also a measuring stick for the progress of The FIFTY. Returning to it's legendary steeps to climb again highlights just how far the project has come since its inception in 2019.

Co-Starring: Nick Russell and Ed Shanley

XC Sucks | NOBL Wheels

To celebrate our love of XC and TR32 rims, we decided to round up a few XC hate comments found on the internet and let ambassador Lief Rodgers have his riding do the talking.

Inspiration for the video:

It has been getting better over the last few years, but it used to seem like any XC related post on the internet was followed by comments like “XC suuuucks” (hence the title of the video). In our eyes, these comments couldn’t be any further from the truth and if our video hasn’t convinced you, just watch any XC World Cup replay. XC definitely doesn’t suck!

About Lief:

If you’ve already watched the video, you can see Lief Rodgers (link instagram) is a wizard on a bike. He’s also the real deal when it comes to XC racing with top finishes at the national level and a win at the Whistler Back40. If that wasn’t enough, this past summer he took a stab at Enduro racing and came out 3rd in U21 at the Whistler EWS. Just another day in the office for Lief.

FIELDWORK Ft. Oszkar Nagy | Marzocchi MTB

Nothing trains an expert hand more than time in the field. No judges, no crowds, no competition. Just his bike, some well-built slopestyle jumps and riding until the sun goes down.

FIELDWORK captures the payoff moments and the odd hard knock that Oszkar Nagy recently experienced, mostly in his own slopestyle backyard. Filmed with his crew of usual suspects Viktor Csaszar and Bence Szabo, we invite you to watch FIELDWORK now!

OFF SEASON SURF VLOG FT. Dean Lucas | Jack Moir

Dean Lucas stopped off at mine on his way up the coast and got a few clips of Me and My Mate Harry while surfing. Pretty Standard off season day for Me. Surf in the morning followed by some mods. Chrome Dome Donny is quite the media mogul, go check out his Youtube Chanel and 'Off track experience' podcast if you haven't already!

Porsche vs Stunt Plane | GoPro

Janusz Dudek + Luke Czepiela are two friends in very different professions—one a racing instructor, the other an aerobatic race pilot. They don't often cross paths, but when they do, madness ensues. Take a ride around Poland's Silesia Ring, onboard Janusz's Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, as GoPro MAX captured the combination of high-speed car drifting with Luke's precision airplane piloting. Oh, and would you believe us if we said this stunt wasn't even planned?

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