Weekend Warmup #147

Kanata ft. Dawid Czekaj | Aleksander Osmałek

The Tripula crew found this incredible forest that looks like it was taken straight from Canada and we know right away we need to shoot a classic edit there. It is super hard to find such a location here in Poland. Most of the mountains/hills are private property, national parks or the ground is too rocky to dig. Dawid Czekaj is a unique rider he can combine this steezy riding with plenty of tricks. We wait for the weather and found two sunny days to make it all happen.

I asked my good friend Sewi Media if he wants to help us with this project with his camera gear and knowledge of cable cam. We combine Red Raptor 8k footage with 6K Komodo and old Red Raven for these. I always want to shoot high-end bike video in Poland and finally, I did! Thanks to all the crew to make it happen.

Made in: Sakai City | Shimano

Nestled in a cramped shop space, next to a car repair garage, and across a busy street from an in-town rice paddy, Shouichi Soukawa is busy building the future of gravel cycling in Japan. Based in the industrial port city of Sakai City, Japan, Soukawa’s Corner Bikes brand is fast becoming one the region’s most innovative and coveted names, while also defining what the gravel space means to Japan’s bustling bike community.

Trained in the traditional methods of steel frame production, Soukawa learned his craft in Tokyo but ultimately chose to return to his native Sakai City when it was time to start Corner Bikes. Long a center of industrial production in the steel industry, Sakai City’s vibrant creative culture and access to a wide variety of cycling terrain has proven the ideal mix for a burgeoning local gravel scene.

Inspired by his artist friends, Soukawa infuses new meaning into gravel cycling and celebrates how locally produced frames can be customized for the local needs. Whether adventuring down small gravel paths within the city limits, riding out of the city to listen to his friends practice their music, or strapping his fishing pole to his bike for an all-day adventure in the foothills of the mountain south of the city, Soukawa has built his bikes to suit the riding he and his friends do in and around their city. Less about racing than adventuring and highlighting a blend of practical with fantastic, Soukawa’s Corner Bikes strive to create a space from which local riders and friends can cultivate and expand a singular gravel scene.

RESET | Cascade Armory

Cascade Armory, Ablis CBD and Deschutes Brewing present Reset - A full feature MTB movie showcasing the talents of the Cascade Armory crew. A Caleb Ely production filmed in Syncline, WA. Hood River, OR. Bellingham, WA. Green River, UT. Virgin,UT. and Bend, OR. Featured riders include Austin Hemperly, Talus Turk, Arlie Connelly, Jacob Guthrie, Ryan Mcnulty, and Matt Edleston.

NEVIA | The North Face

Throughout his career, freeride skier and fully qualified mountain guide Sam Anthamatten found his way of life in guiding, helping and looking out for his community. His experience and skills allowed others to fulfill their dreams, this time he's the one in the spotlight.

NEVIA offers a glimpse into Sam's life - not as a supporting act but as the main event - and on his attempt to a multidisciplinary mission that involves paragliding from Zermatt to the Obergabelhorn north face, hiking up to the top, skiing down, and then flying back home.

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