Weekend Warmup #146

Building Success with Luke Cryer | Rapha Films

Mountain bike trails don’t just appear out of nowhere. They are the result of creative vision and sweaty dig days. A deep respect for the land is crucial to build great trails, and it takes tireless dedication to keep them running. Luke Cryer’s life seems to revolve around dirt – both digging it and riding it. Flawlessly nailing a section of trail that he built is Luke’s definition of success.

World's Best Drivers Race WILD Swamp Cars | Red Bull

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Formula One drivers Max Verstappen & Yuki Tsunoda turned their F1 racing skills to a new challenge in the everglades: Swamp Buggy Racing! Joined by Supercross champion Jett Lawrence and skateboarding legend Zion Wright they get down and dirty in the specially adapted 900 horsepower V8 buggies. The amphibious racers have a clutch, two gears and NO BRAKES 👀

Svein Tuft: Finding Home in the Kootenays | 7Mesh

There’s comfort to be found in the familiarity of home but seeking new routes and exploring new rides is where the adventure begins.

After retiring from the pro peloton, last Fall Svein Tuft and his family upped sticks and moved to Nelson, British Columbia. The long winter gave Svein all the time needed to plan an ambitious 400km ride, with the goal to discover his new home.

Down & Dirty: Four Wheels vs Two! | FOX

What happens when two adrenaline junkies square off and declare a race? Watch this video with UTV champion Dustin Jones and freeride champion Tyler McCaul with the breathtaking backdrop of Zion National Park in Utah.

'The Chill Trail' with Vinny T | SCOTT Sports

The Chill Trail was born out of the desire to integrate a trail into a bike park that would translate an athlete's vision into a trail that everyone could ride. For many years Vinny T. has spent a lot of time in the forest digging for new trails for his videos.

The project started in the spring of 2021 and was only finished by June 2022. Like a fine wine, his track took time to reveal its full potential. It's not just digging a track, it's testing, it's correcting the curves, and adapting the passages to the environment in order to arrive at a track that allows you to fully exploit your potential on the bike... But we probably all don't have the potential of Vinny T.

Into the Gnar X Big Mountain Adventure - Peru Part 2 | Yoann Barelli

Welcome to PART 2 of the Into the Gnar X Big Mountain Adventure retreat!!

Our guests, James, Eric, Bryan, Nathan and David went on a mission to the Machu Picchu, and in the meantime our guides Chente and Nico wanted to take me on a crazy ride :)

We went and rode some of their favorite trails, starting at 4600 meters elevations, passing through villages, all the way down the valley more than 1000 meters below.

The riding in Peru is incredible, every time I watch some of the footage of this trip I want to go back there. The culture, the simplicity of this place, The tranquility, the lodge we stay at, everything is there to make you have the best time ever.

That day we rode 3000 meters downhill and pedaled up 0 Meters haha!!

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