Weekend Warmup #143

Date Sep 24, 2022

UNHINGED - Kaos Seagrave | Red Bull Bike

The first athlete edit instalment from the freeride and downhill powerhouse that is Kaos Seagrave. Unhinged was created, designed, constructed, led and activated by Kaos and his team and set in the stunning Welsh hills that are home to Kaos. A short film that defines Kaos’ character both on and off the bike and delivers in true Kaos style and flair that is always notoriously dripping in steeze! Enjoy.

Into the Gnar - Peru Bike Retreat | Yoann Barelli

To make it short, this trip has been incredible so far, I've never been to a place like this before. On the bike side of it, the riding is simply amazing, and the variety of the trails in mind blowing, from rocky loose gnarly to super fast and flowy, to super fast and gnarly, to high alpine (4500 m elevation) to lower in the valley, it has it all. You don't have to be an expert to ride here, and anybody would have a pure blast. I'm pumped and I can't wait for part 2 and 3 of this trip hahaaaaaaaa!!!

Whistler 22 | Commencal Bikes

"Whistler is a bit of a dream for every bike enthusiast. We've been watching Whip-Off edits for as long as we can remember. I think everyone in the team knows all the winning Joyride runs since 2012! When we heard that Paul was going back, we immediately thought that it was the right time to go and experience the moment with him, and also to make an edit with everyone there at the time. I had one idea in mind... Let's try to make a mini-movie with several parts.

Once again this edit is a test. We are still experimenting, still learning. I hope you enjoy this video. We tried to make something that reflects us as much as possible! Thanks to COMMENCAL and to you for helping us in this adventure!” - Gaetan Clary

Proving Grounds x Natural Selection 2022 | Transition Bike Co.

Proving Grounds x Natural Selection Tour 2022 went off with a bang this year. We had 4 athletes competing; Talus Turk and Dusty Wygle would have to qualify for the final event that would happen on Saturday. After a good fight on Friday, Talus would move on to finals while Dusty didn't quite land everything he wanted to make the final. Jaxson Riddle and Johny Salido had been pre qualified.

Saturday equated to a ton of highs and lows for the crew between landing good runs, high spirits/good attitudes and wind mixed with some mistakes in finals.

Check out our recap as Parley Ford, Hannah Bergemann, Kyle and Kari Young and Myles Trainer joined along to help the team with maintenance, food and hype support.

Drone skills from another world in Châtel | Scott Sports

Bikepark Châtel’s local Antoine Buffart is well known for his particular approach to mountain biking. You probably remember him from his no-hands segments riding the Vink Line or bringing his trial background to the park. Well, get ready to be surprised once again as he takes on fpv drone flying and shows skills from another world.

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