Weekend Warmup #141

Date Aug 19, 2022

4 Mountains in 1 Day | Mahalo My Dude

We attempt the hardest ride we've ever been on. Four mountains, 100kms, and more snacks than anyone should ever eat. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Quadruple Crown.

600 Meter Slackline in Rotterdam | eyesprint

Jaan Roose has frequently slacklined where nobody has ever slacklined before and his latest thriller in the sky is one of the most mind-bending yet.

The Estonian athlete kept his balance between the De Rotterdam building (149m) to the De Zalmhaven building, at 188 meters high in the air. It took him 49 minutes crossing the river Maas in Rotterdam on a slackline no wider than a postage stamp.

Flat Out Days 2022 | BATT Crew

For the third year in a row, we gathered in MTB trail center Końćevje and shared the same passion of Mountain biking! Batt crew guys spoiled us with the insane build of a new whip-off line which everyone could ride on. They made some sweet adjustments on the jump line and added a smaller dirt kicker next to the wooden step-up mulch jump.

Throughout the week, beginnerss and kids got confident on it, got the feeling for the bigger jumps or just session this one and try out some new tricks. There was so many good feelings and memories at the festival. One of those was for sure walking down the campsite full of life and happy people, where it felt like everyone is just one big family!

KYLE STRAIT - The New Guy | Vital MTB

Get the scoop on the Strait Acres Invitational and Gravity Festival at Snow Summit this weekend.

No Straight Lines | The North Face

"The real barrier is not the physical ability. If you find your own access, define your own goal, you will find purpose in it. And that's why I am at the wall." Watch as paraclimber Angelino Zeller unpacks what it means to be driven yet adaptable in the world of climbing.

The Ultimate Urban FPV Shot? | Red Bull Bike

This is a drone shot like you've never seen before. Nicholi Rogatkin takes the @Dutch Drone Gods to the most epic urban mountain bike race in the world with the challenge to capture an incredible FPV drone shot of Tomas Slavik racing the Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2022. Even with their unique skills, they will have to fly the drone blind in some parts of the track!

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