Weekend Warmup #140

Digging for Answers | Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

There is an art to building a bike trail on the rugged terrain of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It takes a lot of hard work from a dedicated, creative trail crew to dig and shape lines down the mountain in a unique way. Joe Stone, Director of Mission at Teton Adaptive, and Ranyon D'arge, JHMR's Mountain Design Manager, teamed up to rethink what's possible with JHMR's newest trail, Deepest Darkest. Inspired by a conversation and their mutual connection to Pierre Bergman, a JHMR employee whose life was forever changed due to a biking injury, they created a universal trail design that not only brings flow, speed, and excitement to adaptive and non-adaptive riders alike but also strengthens the bond within the biking community.

How to go fast, in Fassa! | EWS Val di Fassa Trentino

We're in the beautiful Italian Dolomites for round three, EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino. Josh Carlson headed out to Shakedown to see the Pros put tyres on dirt for the first time this week, and see if he can uncover what the secret to going fast in Val Di Fassa is!

The Escape - Cotswolds with Pfeiffer Georgi | SCOTT Sports

In this episode of "The Escape" we join Pfeiffer Georgi and SCOTT ambassador Francis Cade as the pair head out to ride Pfeiffer’s classic home roads. Pfeiffer chose a hilly loop that incorporates just enough climbing whilst enjoying the picturesque Cotswolds villages. The duo started in Breadstone and managed to find all the best climbs in the area, packing in more than 900m of elevation in just under 60km. Hardly a flat bit in the whole route! Coombe Hill, Crawl Hill and Horsley Hill all make this a ride that will ensure your legs are burning and that you're ready for a stop at Pfeiffer's choice: the Wild Carrot café. When Francis and Pfeiffer stopped in, they were able to catch up on the historic day in Lincoln when Pfeiffer escaped away from the pack on the final climb to clinch the British National Champion Title.

F1 Drivers Race Canada's SLOWEST Vehicle | Red Bull

Can Formula 1 drivers race the world's slowest vehicle: an ice hockey Zamboni? We put Sergio 'Checo' Perez and Yuki Tsunoda up against Olympic Gold medalist and snowboard legend Seb Toots and Hockey Superstar PK Subban in the world's slowest time trial challenge.

Riding Salt Creek in Durango | Nate Hills

One of the better sections of trail in the greater Durango, Colorado area if I do say so myself. Colin Pickett is a force to be reckoned with, I wish anyone luck trying to hold his wheel on the roughest of trails, at the highest of speeds. The top of this one intersects the Colorado Trail so the big loop potential is basically endless. Get out there and ride till you can't feel feelings. Make the most of the weekend, internet persons. This was ridden on my Yeti SB1.

Kayaking the Rio Filobobos - Matthias Weger in Mexico | GoPro

GoPro Awards recipient Matthias Weger + friends paddled the treacherous whitewater just outside Tlapacoyan, Mexico. Together, they mounted their HERO10 Black cameras + took on the incredible waterfalls + features of the Rio Filobobos.

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