Weekend Warmup #138

The Path Less Paved - Alex Morgan | SHIMANO

Shimano’s latest Originals short film shows us how an open-mind can help us find common ground in the unlikeliest of places. It’s this mindset that led lifetime cyclist Alex Morgan to gravel riding, and how he leads a fulfilling—if unconventional—life where the plains meet the mountains.

Alex isn’t limited by the restrictive definitions of a single discipline. Whether it’s experimenting by building his own downhill frames complete with 29” wheels ahead of the curve, or working less so he can ride more; Alex won’t be confined by social norms.

Alex shows us how a life without set limits can produce the most rewarding circumstances. When preconceived notions and stereotypes fall away, new possibilities and connections open up. After moving to New Mexico in 2018, Alex’s bike-driven lifestyle might have seemed a million miles apart from his new neighbors'. You might think, what do a gravel rider and a rancher have in common? Turns out, quite a lot. One chooses a bike while the other chooses a horse, but the outcome is the same: freedom, adventure and the endless terrain of New Mexico.

The Mountain Bike Team Does The Trans BC | Transition Bikes

In this episode, The Mountain Bike Team heads north to Interior British Columbia which hosted this year's Trans BC 6 day blind enduro. The crew opted for the dirt bag package at the race, so rather than having full support with shuttles and meals, they did it themselves with a few other riders seeking the same experience. On top of self shuttling and cooking, tent camping was the biggest piece of the dirt bag program providing ample amount of time at some of BC's jaw dropping campsites.

Vans BMX Waffle Cup - Best Trick Competition | Our BMX

The Best Trick Jam at Vans BMX Waffle Cup was just jaw-dropping. The level of riding was at an all-time high and the riders were feeding off of each other's energy the whole 30 min session. You're not going to want to miss the exciting Best Trick Jam.

169 Acre MTB and Moto Paradise - The Cam Zink Invitational | Cam Zink

Spawning from Biggest Little Fest, The Cam Zink Invitational is a combination of Thrasher's King Of The Road, Audi Nines and a Fest Series event, all rolled into one. I invited 30 friends to Reno and my 169 acre paradise for bikes and motos, to compete for a winner take all week of challenges ranging from, Longest Wheelie Through The Casino, to the Best Whip.

Full Speed Ahead! | Kirt Voreis

Floating my @Niner Bikes WFO over some trail chop out at Cline Butte in Bend, Or. @caleb ely with the edit.

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Alex Morgan and Mark Weir were way way ahead of their times. We're barely catching up to them now.


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