Weekend Warmup #137

Old Enough to Know Better - Practice What You Preach | Wahoo Fitness

After a season of puzzles and promise in 2021, Rab is back for another shot in 2022, a year older, maybe wiser, but one thing that has definitely changed is that he is now a full-time pro. That’s right, at the sprightly age of 36, Rab has become a full-time pro for the first time in 14 years. While this is one heck of an achievement, it doesn't mean anything unless it builds a process for success...

FRAMED - Loic Bruni's Rust Demo | Specialized Bikes

Loïc Bruni went from "the kid with the rusted bike" to the "world champion with the rusted bike." In this episode of "Framed" we find out why.

STOF BOER - Theo Erlangsen | Commencal Bicycles

Theo Erlangsen and his all South African crew got together after winter to rebuild the COMMENCAL South Africa farm track for his first build & video project. With 8 days and 1 machine, Theo had big ideas and not a lot of time! Local legend and trail builder Duran van Eden smashed out hours on end in the machine and the boys managed to rebuild around 1022m of trail to completely refresh the mountain!

Behind the Boat with Alliance Wake | GoPro

Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Wakesurfing + Foiling Smooth water + a perfect wake are calling. This crew of lake-life legends knows how to enjoy the fresh water, no matter what board you put them on.

The Athlete Edits: Tomomi Nishikubo | Teton Gravity Research

Of all the segments in Esperanto, Tomomi Nishikubo’s undoubtedly stands out the most. Set to beautifully appropriate music, the Japanese trials rider takes his precision bike handling skills to the streets of Tokyo in a mind-blowing performance.

Filming the segment was a massive challenge, with Japan closed due to Covid restrictions. Tomomi convinced us he could get it done with a crew of local filmers and the help of his Canyon bike so we trusted him and let him loose.

"GIANO" / People's Store X Wethepeople BMX | Wethepeople

We teamed up with the People's Store to release a new video with Giano Vacca to help celebrate the launch of their brand new location in Cologne, Germany.

With his own blend of creativity and steeze, Giano comes through with some of his best riding yet, don't miss this one.

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