Weekend Warmup # 135

Date Jul 15, 2022

She Digs: A Women's Trail Building Retreat | Kristen Smith

Kristen Smith, Co-Founder of The Elevated Alpine, and Brooke Goudy, Co-Leader of Black Girls Do Bike Denver teamed up to create an invite only trail building retreat bringing together 50+ industry connected and community minded women in Nederland, Colorado.

The purpose of the retreat was to give thanks to some of the most influential women in mountain biking on the Front Range for all the work they do to amplify women in the outdoors and to give back to the trails we ride daily. Kristen and Brooke strived to create a space where participants could have a good time, make connections, and amplify their reach within the broader mountain bike community.

disruptor | Full Speed Ahead

Joey Foresta wanted to showcase the local trails that he rides during the late Winter in Salt Lake. Late Winter is a time when the trails are quiet and the weather is still cold, but it is his favorite time of year after not riding all Winter...

We Got Lost Bikepacking the Gulf Islands | Mahalo My Dude

Bikepacking, again! This time we’re gravel biking for four days across BC’s Gulf Islands.

A Family Approach to Trail Building | Schwalbe Bike Tires

In need of a break from a stressful work life, Josh Venti purchased a bike on Craiglist and began exploring the trails surrounding his home, forever changing the path of Josh's own life and that of the community he grew up in – Discover, how Josh built his dream in the second episode of Schwalbe's 'Build Your Dream' series.

Building Romain Bardet's Tour de France Bike | SCOTT Sports

The mechanics at Team DSM are masters of their craft. Sit back and enjoy as they put together the All-New SCOTT Foil RC Romain Bardet debuted in this years Tour de France. From frame to final build, enjoy all the tips and tricks that set a WorldTour mechanic apart from the rest of us mere mortals.

RESIDENCY - DJ Brandt | Commencal Bikes

After years in Denver, DJ Brandt chose to settle in Cedar, southern Utah. A new daily routine riding mega spots with friends and having the funnest times on a bike. Sounds good to us!

'A wild ride' onboard from Newport to Bermuda | 11th Hour Racing Team

It was a fast and bumpy race from Newport to Bermuda for our team and special guests Red Bull big wave surfer Ian Walsh and backcountry snowboarder Elena Hight.

Both iconic athletes in their respective sports, Ian and Elena joined us for the 635-nautical mile race... we'll let them tell you the story.

11th Hour Racing Team finished second overall and first in the Open Division of the Newport Bermuda 2022.

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