Weekend Warmup #134

A Million And One Trees To Dodge | Jesse Melamed

Got a bit rattled on the first corners and made a few slight bobbles in the woods but started to find the flow and see through the trees. - Jesse

The Art of Grind | Shimano

Art of Grind

Since the 1800s bicycles have been a powerful liberating tool, starting with the first faltering pedal strokes of a child daring to venture a little further from home. Yet, somewhere in our cultural trajectory, many of us have forgotten the power of this simple machine to build community. This film celebrates the "Run what you brung" adage, and reminds us that, however we choose to engage with the ever changing world of cycling, there is more that brings us together than sets us apart.

EWS Petzen/Jamnica is BACK!

Take a dive into this preview of the EWS Petzen/Jamnica, main show of the 2022 Black Hole Bike Fest. Enduro World Series is back to Kärnten/Koroška, again connecting Austria & Slovenia in one of the best MTB playgrounds around.

Kye A'Hern Follows Tracey Hannah Down Schladming | UR Team

Jump on board with Kye A'Hern as he chases Tracey down arguably the best track in the world, Schladming, before heading to round 3 of the World Cup series in Leogang.

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