Weekend Warmup #133

Gorge Road w/ Billy Meaclem | Commencal Bikes

Gorge Road is an ABSOLUT work of art and one of the world's best public jump parks. This season it's been looking better than it has in years and riding… Well, you'll just have to see Billy Meaclem doing his thing in order to understand! Big thank you to everyone that has been digging there to get this place where it is now.

Welcome to the Team Brage Vestavik | Marzocchi MTB

After a long Norwegian winter of hibernation, Brage Vestavik is back and stacking clips with Blur Media.

Pacing An Enduro | Jesse Melamed

A slight crash and resulting mechanical meant I couldn't ride this stage exactly how I wanted to. Knowing the stage and keeping myself calm helped me pace myself so I could recover and not lose too much time. I won the first 4 stages by enough that I still held onto the win after this stage.

Mexican Daydream - William Robert's Journey to Freeride Fiesta | Norco Bicycles

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and uniquely Mexican energy of the Fortaleza Freeride Fiesta through the eyes and imagination of William Robert. The whole week seemed more like a Soñar Despierto than a traditional event, as one of the first major international Freeride events in ages, bringing together some of the most creative riders from around the world to kick back and throw down at Las Soledad Bike Park in the heart of Guadalajara.

Teaching Yoann How to Backflip | Yoann Barelli

One of Cj's goals this year was to land a backflip on dirt, and well, it only took him a couple months of being in the Into The Gnar Progression team to succeed. So my brain, and my ego told me that, if he can do it, there is no reason that I can't. Hahahaha!!!

The (Actual) Life of a Professional MTB Racer w/ Evan Wall | Jeff Kendall-Weed

The life of a bike pro isn't all champagne podiums and globe-hopping travel. There's a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into racing a full season on two wheels. Evan Wall and Jeff Kendall-Weed break down what it takes to make a career out of chasing wins on the race circuit.

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