Weekend Warmup #131

KATEPERE - Billy Meaclem

"Nothing beats pure speed and style on a downhill bike especially when Billy's on his home turf. We share with you some of the best spots for riding around Canterbury, Katapere. Enjoy the New Zealand rider with a kiwi local backtrack in some of NZ's finest locations." - Josh Birkenhake

Giant Slalom FPV with Ted Ligety

Retired but not sleeping đź’Ş GoPro Athlete Ted Ligety raced GoPro FPV pilot Luke Bredar down the GS course at Deer Valley Resort

Carbon Credit Card

An Englishman, a Scotsman and 3 Canadians walk into a bar. While this might seem to contain the makings of a joke centred around the monarchy, Brexit, or possibly a sack of potatoes, it does not. We are too wet, muddy, and tired for any of that. We simply want to relax and enjoy a beer. Still, in the throws of the pandemic, we sit on the patio, sheltered from the rain but not the damp cold, stewing in our chamois and water-logged shoes, sipping our brews. Deciding we should probably peel off these soggy layers and get into some dry clothes, we each pull out the most important piece of luggage we have brought on this 4-day journey between Squamish-Whistler-Pemberton. No, not the cameras to document our journey to traverse the Sea-to-Sky on electric mountain bikes. Nor the GPS devices to make sure we don’t miss a single second of logging this trip onto Strava. The most important item we remove from our pockets is a thin piece of plastic that can buy all of the necessary of equipment in a single swipe...a credit card.

V-RAPTOR | In Her Element

RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV capturing Women’s Trick World Champion and Pro Slalomer Neilly Ross in her element.

Peter Kaiser – Illuminō

"Illuminō" is a video combining two passions and showcasing the Trek Slash. As long as a film cartridge is loaded inside a camera and the light shining onto its surface can be controlled it doesn’t really matter where we point it at. At the end of the day it shows a visual image which we associate a certain memory with. I felt it was similar with this bike. No matter what terrain I put its tires in, it always leaves me with an awesome time and a big grin on my face. Bikes also undergo a development phase which lead me to this idea of the film developing process leading the video and showcasing this versatile bicycle.

World's Best FPV Drone Shot?

This is a drone shot like you've never seen before. We sent the Dutch Drone Gods to the most epic urban mountain bike race in the world with the challenge to capture an incredible FPV drone shot of Tomas Slavik racing the Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2022. Even with their unique skills, they will have to fly the drone blind in some parts of the track!

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