Weekend Warmup

Date Jun 27, 2013

Warmup for the start of summer!

Chromag & Bicycle Rockers: Rad Times Tour

A bunch of BC boys drove a long way with bikes and had a rad time. Rad.

An Unlikely Ride

Sure, it may seem unlikely now but give it 10 years and maybe we will see body varials on the trail.

Best of Web

“The craziest video you’ll see all day”

Dew Tour BMX Feature (Ft. Pat Casey & Daniel Sandoval)

Our very own Matt Dennison had the chance to produce a short BMX feature for the NBC broadcast of the Dew Tour. Check out that ramp in Pat Casey’s backyard…whoa.

Duct Tape Surfing

Seriously, what can’t duct tape do?

“18 years ago a slight lapse in concentration crushed Pascale’s dreams of surfing. With the help of a family friend and a roll of duct tape; she can now call herself a surfer.”

Have a rad time this weekend… tour or no tour!

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