Weekend Warmup #127

Mountain Biking on Canada's Hawaii - Hornby Island

Amazing mountain bike trails, white sand beaches, a dual slalom course, and tall trees to crash your drone into--Hornby Island has it all.

Snowboarding The PERFECT Snow Pump Track

Welcome to the Team - Connor Fearon

Few riders on the World Cup circuit stir the emotions of the sport’s hardcore fan base quite like Connor Fearon. Known for a ruthlessly aggressive riding style, breakneck corner speeds and flat pedals - three elements that hark back to a time when such setups, and indeed riding styles, were synonymous with Australian downhill. For those familiar with the epoch of Rennie, Kovarik and Hill, it's easy to see the connection. While that era of the sport has passed, Connor at only 28-years old is firmly in the mix today as one of the sport's most recognized and respected gravity athletes.

Driven by a passion for mountain biking and indeed downhill racing that surpasses the usual metrics for success, Connor’s always blazed his own path, prioritizing authenticity and making him who is today. Softly spoken off the bike and a certified savage on it, we could not be more delighted to welcome Connor to Forbidden and the world of high pivot witchcraft.

Nino Schurter's Home Trails - Trail Explorer Ep.2 in Switzerland

Follow Holger Meyer on his quest for the best E-MTB trails on earth. More than good riding, Holger looks for the best place to eat, sleep and have a good time on and off the bike. On his search for rider's heaven, Holger couldn't stop in Chur, Switzerland and explore the backward of Nino Schurter 9x time XC world champion.

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