Weekend Warmup #112

Cannondale Waves: akaDAVE (Cannondale Bicycles)

Sam, A.K.A. 'Dave' Hockenhull is that naturally talented guy everyone wishes they could be. Josh Bryceland refers to him as one of the best and watching him ride is exciting. He's always pulling a bit higher and going a bit deeper, challenging what his Cannondale teammates consider possible, which is a feat on its own. Interestingly, 'Dave' was staring down the eye of a professional career in football (A.K.A. soccer) and traded cleats for two wheels. Watch and be amazed.

Brendan Fairclough Builds a Ramp to Jump His House

This is about the funniest thing I've seen in the MTB world lately. To this day I'm still cracking up whenever I see a clip of the attempt. It's actually pretty terrifying but his reaction, and his wife's too, are each hilarious.

From Brendan:

"To start with DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Okay, I'm glad we got that out of the way and now onto the video itself. This week Beney and I decided it was time to test the Defender Spicy MTB Sender 6000 and due to staying local, we decided as one final send-off for the house I would jump over it on my downhill bike. Or at least I thought I'd jump over it. Sam Pilgrim also offered up his sprinter as a landing so expect that one coming soon.

We wheeled the ramp into position and instantly knew the gap was way too big to clear with pedal power alone, so decided we had to make a bridge to park the Defender on to get as close as possible to the house. So we got to work with Olly Wilkins​ and mapped it out to make sure it worked as best as possible.

To be honest I was pretty skeptical of this as soon as we rolled the Land Rover into place but I knew it had to be done or at least attempted before we pull the house down ready for mine to be built. Sure enough, the Defender jump works amazingly, just the run-in failed me and ended up in a huge case (gonna need a lawyer for that) haha. I think this is the biggest misjudgment of speed I have ever had in my whole career. I blame being towed in on the motocross bike as I was getting roosted, visibility was poor and it's always hard to judge the speed when you have so many other aspects around you to judge. Cheers to the bro for attempting it though, he killed it.

It's tough to know where the limit is these days of what we should and should not be doing in these weird times. I just always want to entertain you guys and if riding my bike doing my job is doing that then I'm a happy man.

Huge Thanks to @soundwarper on instagram for our new intro song as well hope you like the new intro as a whole, thought it was time to upgrade. As always like and subscribe and comment what more you want to see."

My Fat Creations Paint Job Looks Better Than Bren's… (Olly Wilkins)

Join Olly Wilkins during his work experience at Fat Creations. Bored while sidelined with his recent (br)ankle injury, Olly asked his mum what his first bike looked like. Inspired by the design, he's used his graphic design skills to remake the design on one of his current Focus mountain bikes.

But Olly didn't just want to design the paint and graphics, he wanted to do some of the work too and this is his rather amusing venture into the paint bay, guided along by the talented crew over at Fat Creations.

WARNING: Watching this will make you want to paint your bike.

Budget 4WD Build – Bought & Built for Under $5k (4WD 24/7)

Part one of Australian 4WD 24-7's Bush Mechanic Cheap 4WD Challenge. Host, Shauno and his mate Jocko bought each other cheap 4WD's and they have to build it up for under $5,000 (including purchasing cost) in less than 24 hours. There's cheap 4WD mods, broken engines, grinders, hammers, beers, banter and so much more.

This is a great concept and the guys show us we don't need all the bells and whistles to go offroading.

Can We Fake MTB Roost With a Cannon? (Mahalo My Dude)

Can Mahalo My Dude destroy the berm...without destroying the berm?

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