Weekend Warmup #110

Words Pete Roggeman
Date Feb 5, 2021

Another weekend lies ahead. Whether you're planning to play in the snow or the dirt, we've got some video to get you pumped - or maybe get you thinking just a little bit. It's an eclectic mix, but that's how we like it. We're always looking for new ideas and submissions for WW, so if you have a candidate, just let us know.

Emily Batty: Ambitions Season Two - Coming Soon!

It's been nearly 4 years since the last episode of Ambitions with Emily Batty was produced and thanks to @Canyon Bicycles​ and all of the new team sponsors, the series is back and better than ever for a second season. The series is a collective effort brought to you by Adam Morka, Liam Murphy, Brian Hunt and a cohort of other talented videographers. Throughout the series, the team will document Emily's pursuit of performance and the lifestyle that comes along with it, plus quite a few guest appearances.

"Climbs like a Goat" is one of the oldest, most-used clichés in our sport. Before everything was 'Send it' and 'Fire', it was 'flickable' and 'climbs like a goat'. I think Mountain Bike Action may be to blame, but we all lapped that expression up in the early to late 90s. Thing is, goats climb way better than any bike could hope to. Especially when that goat is an Ibex climbing a near-vertical dam's walls just to...lick up some salt. Hold on for the end of this one so you can see a goat galloping along the side of that wall from a bird's eye view - it's a stunning shot. Damn, ibexes - so bad ass.

Blind Faith (Whistler Blackcomb)

Mac Marcoux is one of Canada’s most decorated para-athletes. Now, after a year sidelined by injury and skiing with a new, unproven guide, he will attempt to redefine himself as a skier by taking his racing pedigree into Whistler Blackcomb’s extreme alpine terrain. His goal is to do more than just ski lines that are impressive for a blind person, Mac wants to change the way people see adaptive athletes. To do this, he needs the support of his new guide and friend, Tristan Rodgers. If they succeed, Mac will become the world’s first blind freeskier. If they fail, his career as an athlete and his Olympic hopes may come to an end. As the pair square off against the challenges of the mountains and push their boundaries to the limit, they fight to stay healthy and inspired, all while training to earn a spot on the 2022 Olympic Team.

Group B: When Rallying Got TOO FAST (Driver61)

The Audi Quattro, Lancia 037 and the Peugeot 205 T16 - some of the most iconic names in rallying. Cars that pushed the limits of what was possible in a way that we haven’t seen since. It was called Group B and is still held as the Golden Era of Rallying. Group B was a class where manufacturers were allowed to go all out, with almost unlimited power, crazy aerodynamics and new exotic materials. It brought about new technologies like 4WD, Semi-Automatic Gearboxes and clever turbocharging systems. However, it was only for the bravest of drivers. The hugely powerful cars needed a lot of manhandling to thread them through the tight-twisty stages, away from huge drops and dodging a sea of spectators.

Candide Thovex - A Bit of Skiing

Candide enjoying some home runs. Shot by Aziz Benkrich

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