Weekend Warmup

Date Jun 14, 2013

In this week’s Warmup we’ve got two “must watch” BMX videos in the rounds, some weirdo stuff, as well as some snowbound goods.

King of Style

Tom Dugan just kills it on street and ramp. So big, so much style. Always overrotated in a good way. You might watch this twice.

King of the Button Mashers

Drew Bezanson’s edit from Joyride 150 last year was mind blowing. Now, usually a Bezanson edit would take the cake – but Tom Dugan wins this time. Regardless, it’s worth watching. However, you’ll have to head to Red Bull to see it. Below is last year’s video, still worth the click.

King of Weird Contests

In the realm of Red Bull’s run-bike-kayak Divide and Conquer race that went down on the North Shore last week, another odd one. A BMX ramp course in Amsterdam that changes when riders hit particular ramps. Hard to sort out by this video, but was probably pretty cool in person.

Original King of the Mountains

Just a beauty time out there on Everest. No biggie.

King of June Ski Trailers

Andre Nutini rolls with Liam Mullany and David Peacock as Absolute Zero (see: Loam Factory), but he also does sick ski movies. A few months until this one goes…

King of NYC

Quite the uproar in New York this week as a public rental bike program was launched. Jon Stewart takes the piss with help from Al Madrigal.

King of Dumb

This really is the definition of doing it dumber. Where is this guy’s helmet?

What’s happening in your world this weekend? Riding bikes? Watching Val di Sole? Getting rad?

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