Weekend Warmup

Date May 21, 2015

While it may take three to tango or a crowd, we here at Weekend Warmup are fans of the Solo mission. Just you and whatever it is you love to do be it chasing a peloton, surfing in unusual places, or slacklining one of America’s most iconic waterfalls. So here’s to rugged individualism, and the shenanigans it can spawn.

Llamas in the Peloton

No word on sponsors stepping up to the plate yet, but we reckon this guy has a future in the sport.

Tandem Snowboard Friends

The most adorable little shredders you’ll see all day.

Matthias Dandois is a Mixmaster Champ

Blending both street and flatland from France to South Africa, Matthias is a force to be reckoned with.

Pat Moore and the Last Frontier

Head to AK with Moore and friends as they get steep in Valdez

Ian Crane Surfs the Great Lakes

Who said you need saltwater to get your surf on?

Custom Painted Cinellis

Knowing our luck, we’d scratch this beauty on our first ride.

The Hardest Kayak Race in the World?

This just looks like full-on insanity. One ticket for the nope train please.

Dean Potter High-Lines Yosemite Falls

Potter may have been taken far too soon, but his legacy of pushing limits lives on.

Shine on you crazy diamond…

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Big D  - May 22, 2015, 10:17 a.m.

Potter was full of shit. I love watching wingsuit vids… but spare me the shock and awe. These guys are bent, I'm not sure how but they are freaking bent. It is awesome to have humans pushing the boundaries of human endeavours, but lets just be honest about it, big walls with no ropes? You have a serious problem… wingsuit flying with your emotional support dog??? and all the while pretending to be some off the grid, I don't live by the mans rules dude… yet soaking up every opportunity to get your face out with your sponsor? I'm sad he's gone because I loved seeing his crazy antics, I'm sorry for that people that lost a loved one… am I surprised, well no. Slamming into rock at near terminal velocity was Dean Potters destiny.


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