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Weekend Warmup #102

Weekend Warmup began as video was really taking off and we couldn't (didn't want to) keep up with a post for each one. The crazy pace of releases continues, and there are a lot of vids (bike-related as well as NBR) we think you may enjoy. So as you get ready for your next 48 hours of freedom, hopefully this helps you draw a little inspiration or enjoyment. Whether it's the ways in which F1 safety tech has spilled over into products we use on mountain bikes, to Mike Douglas' Pedro the chairlift, or Margaux Elliott's quest to be the first woman to climb 1,000,000 feet in a calendar year, we've got something for everyone this week (even if you're a salty old shore vet, in which case Mahalo My Dude's latest should get a smile out of you).

The Fascinating Evolution of F1 Helmets - Driver61

You don't have to be an F1 fan to find this interesting, but did you know you can buy the same helmet an F1 driver uses (including a custom fit liner) starting at about $3.5k? Custom Red Bull paint job not included. Lots of moto- and bike-related tech and info included here.

From video producer Driver61: F1 racing helmets have changed a lot over the years. In this video, we take a look at how Formula 1 helmets have transitioned from simple leather caps to carbon fibre composites.


It’s difficult to comprehend what it means to climb a million feet on a mountain bike in one year. It’s the equivalent of “Everesting” more than 34 times, or riding the complete Tour de France route (on dirt) every other month, or climbing more than 2,700 vertical feet every single day, 52 weeks straight. And it is even more challenging to imagine doing all that on a long-travel full suspension bike, while working full-time, in a year filled with an exceedingly high rate of plot twists and unexpected circumstances. Unbelievable as it may be, it is exactly the feat that Margaux Elliott is very much on track to achieve, and would make her the first woman to do so. Although the goal threw challenge after challenge at her, Margaux’s grounded resoluteness and incredible community support have lifted her to the brink of a major milestone.

Margaux Elliott is leveraging this campaign to raise awareness and funding for the Grow Cycling Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes education, awareness and opportunities that increase diversity and inclusion in cycling. Follow and support GROW CYCLING HERE or donate to MARGAUX'S FUNDRAISER DIRECTLY.

Words by Satchel Cronk. Get the whole story on Giro.com.

Bee Wild Bee Free - MONTANUS

Sometimes your bike leads you to discover new and wild places, other times it can give you more. We explored the process that brought us closer to Nature finding out how bikepacking and beekeeping played a significant role in our environmental consciousness. ‘Bee Wild Bee Free’ is the small contribution of Montanus to raising awareness about the importance of honey bees for mankind and for planet’s ecosystems.

The Chairlift - Salomon TV (Mike Douglas)

Though often overlooked and under appreciated, the chairlift may be the single greatest invention in the history of modern skiing. This a celebration of the device that brings skiers together in a way that nothing else can.

Riding the Weirdest Mountain Bike Feature | The Discombobulator (Mahalo My Dude)

In the old, golden days of the shore, stunts reigned supreme, and none was stranger or more technically difficult to master than the linked triple teeter totter known as the Discombobulator. Invented, built, and mastered by Dangerous Dan, the original is gone, but it has been rebuilt in a new home on Upper Oilcan (Mt Fromme), ready for a whole new generation to discover. Andrew Santos and Micayla Gatto (one of Dangerous Dan's former students!) take on the challenge of conquering one of the most unique and janky moves on the North Shore.

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