Yoann Barelli & An Idea To Change the World

Video Yoann Barelli
Date Dec 12, 2019

Today is a big day. We are about to make history thanks to Yoann's clever idea!

After months of research, studies and testing, Yoann's team at @ride.for.humanity have come up with a brilliant idea, an idea that will change the world.

Yoann and his team believe that almost all the garbage found on the side of the road in Whistler comes from the back of pickup trucks, so by simply having a box in the back of the truck, you actually solve this problem.

Yoann and @ride.for.humanity are proud to introduce, THE BOX.

It's another funny and entertaining video from Yoann but in all seriousness, the solution is real.

Take your trash with you, no-one else should have to pick up after you.

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