John Hall's Outside the Toolbox – Fireside Chat

Video TRP/Knowmad Development
Date Dec 26, 2019

John Hall is Aaron Gwin’s mechanic and the lead mechanic for Intense Factory Racing. His professional and personal life is all about mountain bikes. He rides them, he works on them, so no wonder John Hall likes talking about them.

To bring you behind the scenes, TRP has worked with Hall to create a video series that gives a deeper insight into his practices, opinions—not to mention his honest love of bikes—and the work he does.

In the first of four stories, John sits down by the ‘Fireside’ with Neko Mulally. We’ll see him razz his peers on the world cup circuit in ‘Mechanics’, ‘Talk Shop’ from his Intense Factory Service Course, and he’ll do his best to describe what speed sounds like in ‘What’s That Sound’.

New videos will launch each month, till it is time to go downhill racing again, enjoy and have a great off-season.

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