Val di Sole World Cup DH Finals 2018

Val di Sole DH World Cup Results

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Date Jul 7, 2018

The ever-changing conditions of Val di Sole continued for finals day. Racers were greeted by a dry track and they took to it with aggression, but rain threatened throughout the day. Thankfully it never came. 

Top 5 Elite Men

  1. Amaury Pierron – 3:36.788
  2. Laurie Greenland – 3:37.312
  3. Danny Hart – 3:37.449
  4. Luca Shaw – 3:39.036
  5. Thomas Estaque – 3:39.254

Top 5 Elite Women

  1. Tahnée Seagrave – 4:26.424
  2. Rachel Atherton – 4:26.547
  3. Monika Hrastnik – 4:28.029
  4. Tracey Hannah – 4:29.718
  5. Veronika Widman – 4:35.824

Top 3 Junior Men

  1. Thibaut Daprela – 3:53.411
  2. Henry Kerr – 3:54.546
  3. Patrick Butler – 3:56.790

Top 3 Junior Women

  1. Valentina Holl – 4:43.057
  2. Anna Newkirk – 5:00.413
  3. Mille Johnset – 5:00.673

2018 UCI World Cup DH Overall 

After an eventful race in Val di Sole positions in the overall has shifted about. The Men's overall remains with Amaury Pierron on top, but back from him, things are switching up! Myriam Nicole's injury saw her miss the chance to race and gave Rachel Atherton the opportunity to get back the number one plate. Myriam drops to third. 

In the juniors, Australian Kye A'Hern has lost his number one spot after missing out on the race today. Valentina Höll remains consistent at the top of the Junior Women rankings. 

UCI World Cup DH Overall: Elite Men

UCI World Cup DH Overall: Elite Women

UCI World Cup DH Overall: Junior Men

UCI World Cup DH Overall: Junior Women

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