Two Looks at Brendog's Rampage including POV

Brendan Fairclough seems to be the rider that most feel was victimized by the judges this year. His run was creative and burly and fast. It seems the judging will make racers think twice about attending in the future as both Remy Metailler and Brendog scored poorly despite riding smooth fast runs. Fairclough's run was particularly creative and stylish but was only enough for 10th place in the standings. Tricks are clearly essential - and it better be more than a backflip. 

Skip forward to 20:35 to see Brendan's run. (Apologies - the 'start at' code in the embed isn't working with our system)

Do you think Brendog should have ended up higher than 10th?

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Looking at the scores in the top ten... even if they would have awarded Brendan 10 points higher (which he absolutely deserved), he would have ironically ended up in 8th. The judges are definitely looking for huge exposure while tricking to break into the 80's. He needed to add another "trick" up top for that kind of score.

After all the pre-game hype, I was most looking forward to seeing Jordie Lunn. He seemed to have a good combination of both tricks and techie sections planned. Not entirely sure what happened after his top half, but they said he was sick all week. 

In the end, I think it's more of a buzzkill that they didn't give Andreu's mach-speed run with the insane back-to-back a nod into the 90's over Rheeder's slower, buttered run with enormous flat drop flip :D



Read somewhere that he and his diggers also never got to finish fully digging his line and much of it was untested. Then because he was sick (think his crew was too), he wasn’t up for just going for it in the finals.



All the criticisms of judges / event layout etc makes me think the only way forward is the peoples vote. Then there would be no bitchin.

Brendogs was the certainly the most creative line out there but sadly that means jack shit these days.



Comment I've seen suggested that the scoring for the rest of the riders was muted to keep Brendan in the top ten so a guaranteed return for next year..

Perhaps he would have scored higher if he had gone later, but nonetheless that run was awesome.


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