Transition Patrol Carbon Here!

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Date Dec 21, 2015

The Patrol Carbon is the highly anticipated premium option to our well regarded aluminum Patrol. All the great features of the aluminum Patrol with a large reduction in weight and no compromise in strength. The carbon front triangle, seat stays and chain stays provide a crisp and responsive ride with excellent trail feel. Featuring all the same geometry and GiddyUp suspension the Patrol Carbon is even more capable up and down mountains. The fully guided internal cable routing for rear brake, derailleur and seat post are easy to use and rattle free. The collet main pivot keeps the rear end stiff and the threaded bottom bracket is a mechanics dream. With around a 600 gram weight savings over the aluminum Patrol the Patrol Carbon climbs like an E-bike, and descends like a downhill bike.

Integrated Features

  • Progressive Geometry – Long, Low and Slack
  • GiddyUp Link Suspension, 155mm Rear and 160mm Front
  • Integrated Rubber Chainstay Protection
  • Collet Style Main Pivot Hardware
  • ISCG05 Chainguide Mounting
  • Syntace X12 Rear 142mm Axle and Universal Transition Derailleur Hanger
  • Full Size Water Bottle Fits Inside Front Triangle
  • User Friendly 73mm Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • Tubes Inside Tubes Internal Cable Routing for Easy Setup
  • Medium Frame Weight With Rear Shock: 6.5 lbs.


What does GIDDY UP stand for?


What else would it stand for?


Surely this colour has a trademarked name?







Patrol on lookout. Photo – Paris Gore


Does not stand for Why The Face as speculated by the internet. The W.T.F. process used on the Patrol Carbon utilizes the highest grade carbon materials and EPS molding process, providing increased stiffness and strength at one of the most competitive weights in its class.


TM? The T.I.T.S. internally guided cable system ensures a rattle-free ride, ease of assembly and maintenance. The fully guided tubes eliminate the need for fishing cables when routing brake, derailleur and seatpost cables.


Who would have thought? Store your BB in the BB shell? The BBS2 system utilizes a standard Euro threaded 73mm bb shell for ease of BB compatibility, installation and maintenance. Euro threaded BB shells are creak free and the most common industry-wide shell standard.


Huck to flat technology is brand new. Demonstrated here by Lars Sternberg.

Hey Santa…

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Drinky Crow  - Dec. 21, 2015, 9:38 p.m.

Like last year…………..


Drinky Crow  - Dec. 21, 2015, 9:33 p.m.

No, he's not.
Anyway, it's carbon so the weld shop can't fuck up the jigging and make the bb height a moving target.


BDNFAN  - Dec. 21, 2015, 5:19 p.m.

Probably the only one.


CoilAir  - Dec. 21, 2015, 3:58 p.m.

Surely I can't be the only one that finds the whole TITS, COCK & BALLS, WTF, PABST, etc, etc painfully unfunny…?


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