Tour de Gnar - Redux

For it's second edition, we wanted to make the TOUR DE GNAR Gnarlier than ever but also way more inclusive with 10 riders on board. With that many people, the time spent to look, analyze and understand each feature is pretty short, if some riders get sketchy, it will play with your mind, and everything could become a complete disaster... we had no idea it was going to turn that way !!

Steve was the first rider to drop into feature #1 and had a huge crash. We invested plenty of time in taking care of Steve. Of course, the vibe became pretty low, and the reality of the high consequences of these features became unavoidably real. After doing a safety check with everyone in our group, we made adjustments for both the first feature as well as our plan for the day. By the time we arrived in Squamish, the vibe became more dynamic; the day was ON!!

I went home that day, drained after 16 hours in the danger zone but completely fulfilled. It was awesome to witness the spirit of each rider, the encouragement, the support, the love, the send, THE SEENNNNNNNND !!!! It was beyond amazing !!

Enjoy the show, everyone :).

The Tour de Gnar is an underground event is a celebration of Freeride in the Sea To Sky, a way to remember all the pioneers of the early MTB days !! We resurrected some old features and created new ones, making this area the perfect playground for progression.

A big cheers to all the riders, Cami Nogueiraa, Steve Vanderhoek, CJ Hauptman, Max Grayson, Ryan Rodriguez, Nate Spitz, Mark Mathews, Peter Salido, Lewis Buchanan, Aven Elsberg, Sergi Massot, you guys sent it all day with such an amazing vibe, no ego, lots of respect for each other. I've never experienced something like that before, and am grateful to each of you.

Tour de GNAR _22__2k (77 of 81)

Thank you to our support crew, and thank you to everyone who contributed to making this edition very special; nothing would have happened without you !!

Thank you to all the brands who supported this year's edition; you guys rock !!

Stevo, don't worry, my man; we will shred again very soon!!!

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