Total Confidence – Reece Wilson shreds on his trail bike

Date Oct 12, 2020
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Without racing, even Pros had to return to the roots of riding, like a slimy, wet day on a local track. Watch Trek Factory Racing’s Reece Wilson ditch the downhill bike for a trail bike and push the absolute limit with a smile smeared across his face. Reece shows just what his local trails can take aboard a Trek Fuel EX and a fresh set of CushCore. CushCore allows Reece to ride to his peak by squeezing every last bit of performance out of his tires and suspension.

Go bigger with CushCore’s industry leading impact absorption. Approach corners with blinding speed knowing your tires are 35% more stable - providing predictable cornering and virtually eliminating tire burp. Just plain ride faster - with a 12% reduction of shock and vibration, increased traction and control, you’ll stay fresh and ready for another lap.

Top level athletes may be pushing to a level we all dream to attain, but just like the Pros, we’re all searching for the confidence to elevate our riding to the next level.

We're big fans of CushCore here at NSMB, and have been riding and testing it in different ways since it was first released in 2017. You can read more about some of our experiences with CushCore here:

Congratulations to Reece Wilson on his 2020 DH World Championship title.  We couldn’t be happier for the fast and friendly Scottsman!  Well done Reece!

ALSO, we should mention, CushCore equipped Cam Balanche (Team Dorval) captured the Women’s Elite World Championships!  Their team is an underdog much like CushCore and Cam took it all the way to the top! Bad. Ass.

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