This Is Peaty – Season 2 Ep 2

Video Steel City Media
Date Jun 13, 2013

It’s been a dream of Peaty’s for a while, to head out to the Isle of Man and take a lap round the TT course… Even at cruising speed, you can’t even start to think how fast the competitors fly round the track, putting everything on the line, year after year. Legends such as John Mcguiness and Connor Cummins took a bit of time out of their hectic schedule to meet up for a chin wag, to discuss all things speed and two wheels.

Before he could even pack his backs, it was go time yet again, for the first big trip of the season, out to California for some Syndicate beach time and the infamous Sea Otter Classic event. After a ‘relaxing’ few days in downtown Santa Cruz, with two slightly battered beach cruisers in tow, the full team headed off to Laguna Sec Raceway to see if all that off-season training had paid off…

With strong results for everyone in the Downhill and a nail-biting slalom finish for Peaty, it was a perfect start to the year. As you’ll see, Kathy Sessler was stoked.


Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 08.33.16

Syndicate representing at Sea Otter.


Peaty went 2nd to Jared Graves in the DS final.


Joe Bowman gets on the other side of the lens for once.

Busted stem on the cruiser? No surprise. 2nd place at the Sea Otter Dual Slalom? Go Peaty!

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