The Wild West Coast

Words Taylor Loughran
Photos Taylor Loughran
Date Dec 12, 2012

Yet another big picture feature, exploiting the goods of our new format. Taylor Loughran of Artbarn might shoot action sports for a living, but he seems to have an uncanny ability to get up close and personal with beasts of all shape and size. Click the first photo to launch the high res set.

As a videographer, I find myself traveling around looking for new locations to shoot mountain biking and snowboarding. I get to see a lot of cool locations, and along the way seem to run into a lot of different wildlife. The terrain and wildlife gives some of the best opportunities for photography in the world, so I often switch my camera to still mode and get down with the critters. Bottom line, BC is rad.

Long exposure of Shannon Falls on a rainy day, Squamish BC.

Bald Eagle sitting by the river near Brackendale.

When the rivers are high you need to sneak up on the eagles. This one is looking straight through the lens and into my soul.

Other times you end up really close to them. Squamish River.

Found this mother Grouse while out scoping a new zone to build in.

The mother Grouse had eight chicks with her. This little guy stayed still long enough for me to get a shot.

Sometimes things just happen right in front of you. While waiting to go for a ride this hummingbird landed in the back yard. Squamish BC.

Some of the coolest angles you can only get to in the funnest of machines. Squamish Chief from Heli.

My favourite lens is my macro. No matter the weather there is a world to be discovered when you slow down and look close.

Fly in flower garden, Squamish BC.

Caterpillar eating its way up a leaf. Squamish BC.

Butterfly sunning by lake. Retallack BC.

Wasp cleaning eyes. Squamish BC.

This photo took about half an hour to get right – as the spider and the fly were fighting they kept moving in and out of focus. Squamish BC.

Sometimes you need to trick your subject into moving where you want them in the frame. This spider started out right under the flower pedels. Squamish BC.

Diamond Head from my front door in Squamish BC.

I was out looking for eagles when I came across this Bobcat. I followed him around for 45 minutes and managed to get a few photos of before he disappeared back into the forest.

Bobcat up Paradise Valley.

I came across this deer driving home after a hike up Paradise Valley. The whole time the deer had one eye on me and one eye on my dog, Cheekeye.

While out filming for You Like This, Kevin Landry and I came across this mountain sheep in Spences Bridge.

And sometimes you get out of BC… a few years back I had the chance to go to Baffin Island to work on a short film. While there we had the opportunity to go and photograph polar bears.

My first encounter with a polar bear was just seeing its massive paw prints in the snow. Pond Inlet, Baffin Island.

BC B-Roll

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stevens  - Dec. 12, 2012, 7:44 p.m.

Amazing shots, a visual treat that serves well to remind you that in action sports edits there is often as much, if not more skill behind the lens than there is in front of it. Nice work T.


Jugger  - Dec. 12, 2012, 10:34 a.m.

Beautiful. Shots like this open eyes and perspectives - especially during the mundane toils of a mid-week workday.

Thank you.


Psyops  - Dec. 12, 2012, 7:30 a.m.

Fantastic and fascinating pictures! Sometimes it's worth to stop and take a look around.


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