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Unless you’ve met him at a race or listened to him on another podcast, you may not have heard of Mark Fitzsimmons, or Fitzy as he’s known to friends. 

He’s one of the unsung heroes of the mountain bike world. Fitzy is famous to a certain sort of person though: World Cup racers. He’s helped riders like Greg Minnaar, Aaron Gwin and Steve Peat go even faster, working for Fox Racing supporting the Santa Cruz syndicate and other race teams.

More recently Mark took up motor cycle racing - virtually every kind of motor cycle racing - and he wins on both dirt and pavement. He’s a knee dragging badass and a wicked mountain biker as well. 

Click one of the links below to listen to my conversation with Mark Fitzsimmons (or listen on this page - also below) where we talk about working with pro athletes, racing motorcycles, and having mountain lions as neighbours.

Cam McRae

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+2 BarryW badgerracer

Some really good insights on suspension setup in here. 

Mark's got some great stories. Such a great, low key guy which somehow makes it surprising when you hear just how incredibly quick he is on two wheels.


+2 Jerry Willows Jotegir

welcome back NSMB Podcast!



Thanks Brajal. It's nice to be back. We have another one already recorded from a North Shore Godfather of sorts that we're looking forward to releasing as well.



fitzy! legend!



Great to see a new episode appear in my podcast app. I feel like so many of the episodes are people I've never heard of who have amazing stories to tell. Keep up the good work.


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