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The NSMB Podcast: Ep. 6 – Bryson Martin

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For many listeners, the name Bryson Martin will be synonymous with mountain bike suspension. His partnership with Marzocchi started in 1989 and spanned a large portion of his professional career and the evolution of mountain bikes. What many may not be aware of is Bryson's background in racing, which included racing World Cup Downhill and a career best 16th place finish. Bryson also played a role in the early days of elevated chainstays and was instrumental in the development of the classic Bomber Z1.

I met with Bryson to learn more about his life and career in MTB and was treated to an incredible story that went beyond what I anticipated. During his 30 years in our sport, Bryson's seen a great deal and has many stories to tell. He opened up about Marzocchi pulling out of MTB, starting DVO, his passion of upside down forks and more.

Topics discussed:

  1. Bryson's background and his love for racing dirt bikes and mountain bikes
  2. The move from looking at a future working in a suit and tie to chasing his passion with bikes
  3. Starting at Marzocchi
  4. The birth of freeride and Marzocchi's part in the history
  5. Moving on from Marzocchi and why he wasn't able to buy the company
  6. DVO and why they started
  7. Working with aftermarket product and how DVO may fit into OEM
  8. Upside down forks and Bryson's passion for them

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+2 Mammal AJ Barlas

Sounds like this was recorded a little while. I'd love Bryson's perspective on the Trance / Giant team collaboration now with a bit of time passed!



This comment has been removed.

-6 PembyRocks TucsonMike Jenkins5 Merwinn Heinous Bikeridenow

Did the topic of Marzocchi’s overtly sexist advertising come up?


+8 Mammal AJ Barlas PembyRocks TucsonMike Jenkins5 Merwinn Heinous Bikeridenow

Maybe give it a listen and then decide if you want to take pot shots. Also, fire up your time machine, go back 15 years, and tell me if you did nothing in that period of time that your present self doesn't look back on and say 'huh, that wasn't right'. I know I can't claim to have made no mistakes, particularly not with the benefit of hindsight.


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