The New Santa Cruz Nomad Has Landed

We're currently waiting for our Santa Cruz Nomad tester to arrive to give you some first impressions about the new gravity sled, but in the interim you can get the rundown on what's new straight from the source.

Summertime in the big mountains: Load up the van, hit the road, climb a mountain, hammer it back down, huck the road gap, skid onto the patio bar, throw the bike back in the van, drive to the bike park and do laps on laps. Hell, you could even rock up to the startline of the world's wildest races.

That’s what we built the Nomad to do and that’s what Nomad riders have been doing each summer for years now.

Nomad 6 1

The latest generation of Nomad now has a larger, 29-inch wheel up front paired to a 27.5-inch rear wheel. Mixing the best of both worlds when you don’t know where you might be riding tomorrow. If you're stomping gaps and stamping passports you're no stranger to travel. The Nomad has 170mm travel on a 38mm diameter fork and 170mm of VPP™ rear suspension. The Nomad is exceptional at absorbing the biggest hits so its rider can charge harder, with more confidence, in the very worst terrain. But because it's still pedal efficient, getting up to the best, highest trails isn't a chore like some other bikes.

Nomad 6 2

On the Nomad 6, our goal was to make the suspension have better sensitivity and grip while also improving platform consistency throughout the travel. Lowering the anti-squat reduced pedal kickback on big square-edge hits at speed, all while improving the overall sensitivity of the suspension to maintain traction at all speeds. Up and downhill. By reducing the starting leverage of the latest Nomad, we were able to improve body-weight influenced geometry stability throughout the travel. While reducing progression allowed the suspension to have consistently better tracking qualities throughout the stroke.

And because everyone loves traveling with carry-on luggage the latest Nomad has a Glovebox too. Stash your ride essentials in downtube inside the included Tool Wallet and Tube Purse.

Nomad 6 3

Chainstay length and seat angle are matched to the frame size (STA steepens and rear center grows as frame size increases) so that every rider, no matter what height, gets the same balance of geometry and handling characteristics. Bigger riders means bigger stresses on bigger frames. So we tailor stiffness for every size to make sure everyone gets the same ride quality.

The legendary Santa Cruz fit, finish and quality construction means the toughest carbon frames, a lifetime warranty, and easy-to-work-on parts should have you covered on your epic road trips.

Nomad 6 4

The Nomad’s forte is being ready and willing to go wherever, whenever.

The only thing it needs is a rider willing to press send.

Nomad Geo

Build Kits

Nomad Builds


All prices in USD.

R-Kit: $5,649
S-Kit: $6,799
GX AXS-Kit: $8,499
GX AXS-Kit Reserve: $9,799
X01-Kit (CC): $9,299
X01 AXS-Kit Reserve: $11,199

More about the new Santa Cruz Nomad at

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+7 4Runner1 Ryan Walters hotlapz Mammal Dogl0rd Adrian White Gage Wright

not even the top end brakes for a $14k bike?  Funny times we live in.


+3 kcy4130 4Runner1 Allen Lloyd

I'd have ditched the Megatower name altogether and had a 29er Nomad, and a Nomad MX, agree the Nomad is remembered more fondly.


+1 Kenny

I agree, should have used Nomad for both. Nomad name has a lot of happy memories. It certainly does for me, had a first gen, and a 2nd or 3rd gen (just before it went to 27.5). I rode that till three years ago. Great bikes. Whereas, "Megatower" as a name just sounds cheesy and blowhard, like a name that trump would come up with. tehe


+1 kcy4130

I remember at one point prior to the megatower being released, people had proposed it be called the "damoN" - that would have been kinda cool.


+1 4Runner1

I really just wish they'd called this a megatower MX, especially given its the same front triangle. The Nomad v4 especially was a like an institution on the shore. Now reduced to a marketing term. Bummer. 

I'm sure the bike is great and I'm not a 27.5 cling-on, but something about this just makes me a tiny bit sad.


+5 Timer Jotegir Adrian White kcy4130 mnihiser

They turned my beloved Heckler into an ebike. SC naming legacy died that day, RIP.


+1 SomeBikeGuy

I don’t know where I’m riding tomorrow. I have a 29er…so should I be worried?


+2 4Runner1 Jerry Willows

Very. So much so that you should be running to your local Santa Cruz dealer to order not one but two of these new Nomads. Because you don't know where you're riding tomorrow, you don't know which colour bike will match best with your surroundings. Don't get caught out with a clashing bike.


+1 Jesse Hill

SC should try the GG concept here and sell just the rear triangle so riders can decide which they want and allow for swapping.


+1 vantanclub

$5749 Cdn for a frame?


+1 vantanclub

I feel like SC is trolling us with their prices.



Sucks brands don’t produce launch videos anymore. Launches seem so passive the last couple years.



They have one on the website but its not a classic shr-edit.


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